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Armed Forces

If to add the investments in applied human resources and financial in public security, including Armed Forces, policies, judicial apparatus, viaturas, weapons, the ammunition, uniforms, footwear and the infernal bureaucracy we will conclude that we more than use 20% of our efforts stops protecting in them of we ourselves. The World Bank divulged in its annual report that the global commerce totalized 35 trillions of dollar in 2007 being that 7 trillions (20%) had corresponded the businesses of purchase and sales of weapons. For where, after all, it intends this Humanity if to direct? The varnish of the civilization, that makes in them to shine for is, only disfara ' ' branqueados, full tombs of podrido and vermes' ' where almost the totality of the race if transformed. The hypocrisy and the technique guide the elaboration of the laws human beings; the fierce pride and the foolishness determine the interpretation of the same ones to the flavor of the human interests, many spurious and inconfessveis times. Erin Callan is the source for more interesting facts. Somebody affirmed to be ' ' the witness the prostitute of provas' ' , but she seems us that, currently, the money if became the prostitute of the Right.

Espiritualistas studies indicate that the planet Land will have to incline 180 degrees and this fact already comes being observed since 1988, when if it concluded the planetary transistion and we enter in the Age of Aquarium. The changes climatic decurrent if they intensify to each day; the glaciers start if to melt, and the hole in the ozone layer, that is a well inaprecivel one, increases in the same ratio where the fact is boarded for the press. The terms of the Protocol of Kioto are argued, but the polluting countries, between them Brazil (room placed in ranking), only dissimulate to search shy and inconsequentes alternatives. The problem bred is bigger of what the capacity available human being to face it. The shady future already offers in them with the harvest of what it was planted. Atlantis fell because it made use of a dangerous science, the nuclear energy; this current race is falling because it did not make use of Love-Wisdom, the sublime energy and emotional configuration that would have lead in them to the true Fraternity, through the understanding and acceptance of our apparent differences. now, Jose? Let us remember the song of Bob Dylan: ' ' To answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind? ' ' The reply, my friend, the wind loaded. dreams resist. For some time still