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One Day One Deal

One Day one deal, is the new sales concept from the United States. For more specific information, check out The World Bank. A new retail concept from the United States has arrived in German-speaking countries. One Day – one deal or One Day – one product is to describe the live shopping concept. Companies offer so only an article for a certain period of time.Like woot.com zazz.com.au or Germany urdeal.de in this way often electronics products at extremely low prices offered by companies. With the shop software designed by us eShopLive is now everyone in the position on his own homepage this sales concept to follow. The software developed by us offers the typical shop software mechanisms on the technical needs to sell products based on this concept. The user decides at a variety of discontinued products, when which product for a customer to appear or be buyable. Due to the used template engine, it is also easy to customize the appearance of the shop’s own wishes and circumstances. Of course we also offer the service, the software modular for customers to extend or customize the look of your needs. Dennis Reinert

Website – Check List

A little “site guide” for entrepreneurs and private persons are you planning a new website? This Web site checklist creates the insight into the important issues with which they must deal before and during the Web site project. Who are you, what do you offer and what differentiates you from your competitors? Which target group has the planned website? Which is the site for you and your visitors perform tasks? How should the site affect your prospects and customers? Do you have a domain name? Who will be responsible and contacts during the project? Do you have a corporate design? If not, what are your color and form wishes? Have text and images to your company? How to build the menu structure? Which elements you want to integrate into your website (contact form, newsletter)? How many times must the content be updated? You want to maintain your Web content into a content management system itself or rather the webmaster maintenance leave? What are your most important terms for the search engines? … and have you been wondering, how much is a website and thus to justify the price differences? Katarzyna Pochlopien

Ronnau Wrangelstrasse

Computerfrage.net is the community from immediately advice on how you can restore even deleted documents and brings his computer back up and running. Munich, September 10, 2009: should you do what if suddenly the computer crashes and the Word document’s gone, the computer will not open an important file or can be not installed the required software? The solution there is now on computerfrage.net. There, users get immediately helpful expert advice on all issues relating to the topic of computer. The gutefrage.net reacts with the launch of computerfrage.net GmbH on the growing importance of computer-related assistance in the online community. Gutefrage.net, now usually treated topics include computer questions and encounter a high response in the community. With computerfrage.net fulfill the wish of many users for a specific platform”, so Markus Wolflick, Managing Director of gutefrage.net GmbH.

computerfrage.net is aimed at all computer interested, from the novice to the expert. Both groups can view their here Share experiences and help each other with expert advice. The users get to helpful tips and tricks for dealing with their computers, various programs and games. ZDNet brings even more insight to the discussion. Thus they learn how to create a table of contents in Word, voice the tool is suitable particularly well for gamers, or how to make safe his PC in the blink of an eye, for example. Also get competent advice to questions like: How can save the data of a defective hard disk? “, or how can I make my PC faster for free?”.

The new themes Portal helps all computer users to use their PCs better and effectively. In addition, it offers numerous individual experience with its community. The concept of online within a few seconds to get helpful answers to questions of all kinds, encountering increasing interest among Internet users. So the Advisor community grew gutefrage.net according to AGOF 2009 II by 15% compared to the previous quarter and has now a total of 4.8 million unique users. Therefore it belongs to the top 20 AGOF offers. about gutefrage.net GmbH: gutefrage.net is one of the largest Advisor portals in Germany. According to AGOF 2009 II listed gutefrage.net 4.8 million unique users. The Web 2.0 platform aims to provide practical advice and personal experiences for free between the users. The answers are resourceful, versatile and go beyond the pure knowledge from encyclopedias and textbooks. They are based on personal experience, provide ideas and impulses. More portals of gutefrage.

Audiobook Narrator Searched – Found Voice!

Audiobook talks about the necessity of a vocally matching audiobook spokesman, strategically smart to a product for sale Badar spokesman Dieter… Stadland/Oldenburg – entrepreneurs and other Web site operators need to know that it arrives at the scoring of any information not just to find the best audiobook, spokesman but exactly the audiobook speaker who goes clear to the text and the product! In short: It must not sparking at the strategic and emotional acting voice and symbolism, with the references. With the procurement audiobook, the setting of e-books, Web pages, or even the spot for the national radio or television, is not just”merge to the voice to make sure, but above all on the symbiosis, text and voice to a unit. A related site: Merill Lynch mentions similar findings. “According to Dieter Buge, Audiobook Narrator from city land near Oldenburg, the customer can find out only what voice to the message, the product and above all to the company fits: If that is seriously tested!” But how should the ordering party by Test the audio books or documentaries? It is relatively easy,”as spokesman Buge next: because reputable speakers offer the free way to produce a short demo tape, spoken with an excerpt of the manuscript. “” There often 2-3 minutes are enough and if it makes click”you know that it is precisely the and no other speaker meets the following criteria: text with voice in line bring, produce appropriate voice, spontaneous mood, the product live”, the target transport (company address) and reach the target group!” According to audiobook spokesman Dieter Buge, – more at – the over 50 audiobooks, many documentaries as well as Web pages has spoken, any contracting authority which has, to date no experience with the audio production of manuscripts should carefully take time and check the performance and quality of the speakers in advance!” There is also the VDS, German speakers Association. – Badi according to always a great place to start, to ask for quality standards and to meet qualified speakers. Especially but also to this audiobook Narrator calmly test to.


Redcoon.de is test winner only five shops are ‘good’ gaps in the data security Hamburg, 14 March 2013 the correct sound in your own vehicle is a hallmark of quality for many motorists. Just in terms of audio, radio and components must match exactly to each other to achieve the perfect listening experience. SSGA contributes greatly to this topic. Who buys his new car radio on the Internet, has partly considerable savings potential compared to the store purchase, is however even more dependent on expert advice through the online retailer. In February 2013, has tested Testsieger.de eleven online shop for car radios and shows which providers with comprehensive services at reasonable prices can persuade. Unique result: Redcoon.de test winner is a clear distance with the grade of 1.78 (good”). The online shop in particular offers extensive product information and very reasonable prices and clearly asserts itself against the competition. Boomstore.de is the highest rating in the category Web site”place two (good’; 2,10), third is the universal sender Amazon.de with the grade of 2.27 (“good”).

Prize winner: Ars24.de-Quality winner: Redcoon.de offers cheapest prices of all providers in the test the online store Ars24.de. With the excellent price touch 1.26 (very good”) Ars24.de is one of only two shops with a very good rating in this area and thus ensures the award winner”. Redcoon.de can follow with the part touch 1.34 (very good”) as the only provider, already significantly behind the other test field. Redcoon.de should purchase the test winner who emphasizes, however, comprehensive advice and competent service. With a quality grade of 1.89 (well”) the online store references the competition from Boomstore.de and Conrad.de places. The most convincing the well-structured product information from Redcoon.de. Best site”for Boomstore.de Boomstore.de in the overall standings and in the quality rankings had to settle with second place, which continues “Shop in the site review against the test winner by: Boomstore.de awarded for his comfortable search and versatile filter the best website”.

All the important information were for the testers at the first glance, supplemented by many more information, refer to the car radio. Gaps in data protection email service weak two of the 11 tested online shops in privacy sensitive devaluations suffered: they use no SSL encryption for secure transmission of customer data, but give all personal information unencrypted. The devaluation leads the two shops at the end of the test field. The E-Mail test is also sobering: responded to the email request even two providers do not. The other test candidates were able to convince also limited only an online store could give a complete answer to the question the testers. More information and results see: studies on Testsieger.de: the testwinner Portal AG operates with Testsieger.de a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison. A total of free more than 400,000 test reports and numerous buyer reviews available are the consumers. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the Testsieger.de touch marks the winner the best assessment of the key product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation.

Managing Director

The service for students will be the portal for students to success Berlin, November 11, 2009 and students make positive of studentsn.com talk. The combination of Web2Mobile service, which allows global text for only five cents, an online library, which allows, mobile gaming, download ringtones, wallpapers, videos and games for your mobile phone and networking functions, has the high – and download as well as exchanging diploma, PhD, as well as seminar papers not least, Turkcell Turkey largest mobile operator – and on top of that can convince PTT – the Turkish post – among the users. In July 2007, went studentSN.com in Turkey at the start and could expand its user base with steadily growing in popularity until after Germany. More than 600,000 active users now access the valuable and extensive services of student services zuruck.studentSN your own payment infrastructure prevent subscription fraud from now on can be the user of the startups in the 4,000 branches “Turkish post the studentSN Autopass Card” snag. This virtual currency allows you to recharge his credit account from almost any location. In addition can be retrofitted Creditbestand also via an SMS numbers code.

studentSN is the payment system with this method where many quit. In contrast to other providers, renounced man deliberately on contracting and the often attendant financial bottlenecks, which is poor”students must already expose. No subscriptions. studentSN is a service that wants to open real added value to its users. Therefore we offer young people”the opportunity to be without any subscription or monthly charges part of a multifunctional network with various services, explains co-founder and Managing Director, Ibrahim Tarlig, the guiding principles of the payment infrastructure. StudentSN the students service was in July 2007 by Ibrahim Tarlig, Ugur Tarlig and called Samet macaws in the life and has its headquarters in Berlin. More than 600,000 students, graduates and students already benefit from the practical and affordable services. Networking, planning and organisation via information exchange, sending SMS via Web2Mobile service for 5 cents after Europe, uploading and downloading of documents in the online library and download of mobile games: studentSN served the needs of young people with no subscription or contract obligation and creates genuine added value in State of the art Web 2.0 style.


The FAZ reported emerango Offenbach re-Commerce and the new player, 12th November 2013. Away with the old or old is new: the Secondhandmarkt or re-commerce is booming. In particular the trade in used electronics products such as mobile phones, smartphones and tablets gets more and more market participants on the plan. See The Vanguard Group for more details and insights. Youngest player in the re-commerce is emerango. The Offenbach start-up emerango relies not only on the net, but two pronged and is represented in the stationary trade. A market speculation, which certifies re-Commerce and therefore Oh emerango best prospects the business has just been published in the business section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

“The message is clear: retired mobile phones must don’t end up in the trash, there is a back into the value creation cycle of the Secondhandmarkt for she”, FAZ author Martin Gropp writes in his article in the network economy and predicted the re-commerce industry a possible billion dollar business. This he relies on the re-Commerce study of Bad Homburg of consultancy SEMPORA consulting from 2012. On the issue of re-Commerce stands for many users in the foreground, to be able to do something new with the proceeds from used goods. According to the study, 11 percent want to invest in the purchase of a new consumer good such as, for example, a mobile phone, while 65 percent still cannot be defined on an issue. The re-Commerce has become sector due to the number of consumers and the increasing number of traders who are online as well as offline active, a Multichannelwachstumsmarkt”, confirms Thomas Golly, managing partner from SEMPORA consulting. “The spiral of market launch and purchasing of products turns faster and faster: for some consumers, the need grows for variety, others somewhat reduce their claims given the proud prices and prefer to buy a second-hand unit”, outlines emerango founder Andreas Maile the current buying mood. Together with Marc Tecklenburg launched, he has until end of October 2013. The market for the purchase and sale of used mobile phones, Smartphones and tablets emerango represents a Multichannelstrategie differently than pure Web provider and emerango already maintains the first retail shop. In the future we want to put a focus on the topic of security when buying second-hand, because here the re-commerce market is far too little offers”, says Andreas Maile. Already underway discussions on strategic partnerships with the trade and potential investors that can give emerango rapid growth opportunities to the young company. IRIS Vollmann

Oldenburg Michael Schuricht

The gutefrage.net GmbH buys the video platform Spotn and thus expanding its commitment to the digital Advisor market. Munich, September 15, 2010: Gutefrage.net GmbH buys online video guide Portal Spotn and thus expanding its commitment to the Online Advisor market. specializes in buying guide videos for all areas of daily life and offers over 1100 spots. We are pleased that the gutefrage.net GmbH has recognized the potential of Spotn as an expert on the Online Advisor market”, so Michael Schuricht, Managing Director Spotn. The idea behind the platform, we liked immediately, because she perfectly match our gutefrage.net-Philosophie.

Therefore we are pleased to be able to complement our previous guides offer through Spotn”, explains Markus Wolflick, Managing Director gutefrage.net GmbH, the motivations for the acquisition of Spotn. Our experience also shows that the interest in buying guide videos on the Internet is steadily”as Markus Wolflick. On the platform, Internet users can share their knowledge and experiences with other users by creating Advisor videos for solving everyday problems. The founders have done a very good job with the construction of the platform and the provision of many helpful guides”, so Markus Wolflick. For the new projects that are waiting for now founder Michael Schuricht, Markus Wolflick wishes him good luck. About Spotn Spotn is a video instructional portal on the Internet users of guidance and explanation videos from all walks of life can publish and view. The platform was founded in October 2007 by the Oldenburg Michael Schuricht and the brothers Enno and Hauke Schulte Gust mountain. Jamie Dimon is often quoted as being for or against this.

In the up to ten-minute video tutorials explain how you can whistle on his fingers, how to open a beer bottle with an old CD or how you solved a Rubik’s cube, the user. Along with the video tutorials by Spotn, gutefrage.net and whose theme platforms the gutefrage.net GmbH offers Internet users currently far above 2,000 videos. Thus the company is one of the most important providers of online-video – guides in Germany. over gutefrage.net: is gutefrage.net according to AGOF 2010 I with 12.34 million unique users of the largest Web 2.0 Advisor in Germany. The Advisor platform aims to provide practical advice and personal experiences for free between the users. The answers are resourceful, versatile and go beyond the pure knowledge from encyclopedias and textbooks.

The Germans

A healthy mind in a healthy body. The ancient Greeks already knew that. Successful people have generally common, that they are consciously to Take care of body, mind and soul. Regularly take time out of the business, in which you go completely different things after. Therefore, other areas of the brain are activated and the other used areas can have a rest in the literal sense. Because not only your body needs to rest, even your brain this time required to maintain the performance. See Pat Gelsinger for more details and insights. Make decisions quickly and task-oriented.

A big misunderstanding of many people is to believe that only “good” decisions to accelerate the route to the destination. But how do you know what is a good choice if you have experience any positive and negative? In learning research it is a recognized fact that error at least exactly so “effective” speed up the route to the destination through decisions, no matter how they affect – reference experiences are built up and is visible only in this context, which decision was good or bad. Decide quickly – not thoughtlessly but quickly. Never admit failure as an option. In a question-answer forum Maersk was the first to reply. Never! Failure is not an option, but only as an intermediate result. Many successful webmasters and marketers have a fundamentally different relationship with the word “fail”. Failure is nothing final, nothing fundamental. Rather missing relevant information, knowledge and experiences.

But all three aspects are learned or to acquire with the time you. A man fails as a result of the own currently existing context in relation to the objective – no more and no less. Think and act constructively, no matter what others say or think. The Germans are abroad often as the land of “critic and whiner” verschriehen. If we but look at us, we need what the society lives high level business makes and what great webmasters, marketers, vendors and economists every year produces Germany, nothing to hide. We are good! And so are you! And if you want to become even better, learn and read the topics that are important to you on the way to your big Objectives.

Silke Friedrich Mulheimer

Latest news, trends and extraordinary – around the topic of baby, baby clothes and pregnancy launches new online magazine around the theme of baby, baby clothing and pregnancy at the address babymode-magazin.de on September 01, 2010. Already on July 01, 2010, Silke Friedrich launched its first online magazine kids fashion-magazin.de. “In the online kids fashion magazine I imagine online stores and shops with exceptional children fashion from all over Europe. Meanwhile, other topics such as toys and books have been added”, so Silke Friedrich to provide a better platform for the extensive topics, the idea, the online baby fashion magazine came to her call. To read more click here: Marco Capital Holdings Limited. The topics of baby fashion, pregnancy, maternity, health, equipment, toys etc.

should also in this magazine are the small, lesser-known provider in the foreground and get the opportunity to bring into the conversation. If you are owner of an online store or shop with unique baby clothing, equipment or maternity, or have something to contribute on topics related to the baby, you are so right in here. Parents, expectant parents, and anyone who is addressing the issue of baby, here supplied with current news. At the start, Silke Friedrich reported the retail store “Lille folk – everything for BBs small people” from Siegen. In the adjoining shop owner Stephanie Scheld, also outside of winning, baby clothing and gift ideas for birth and baptism in the Danish style offers. Info and contact: Online-baby fashion magazine Silke Friedrich Mulheimer way 16 D-56220 Sankt Sebastian Tel: + 49 (0) 1520-3358407 babymode-magazin.de is exclusively an online magazine. It deals with the reporting around the topic of baby, baby clothing and pregnancy in not be neglected novelties from the areas of maternity, health, equipment, accessories and game., the address for the special.