Tapas Dinner In Barcelona

Delicacies from Spain and Catalonia the days will get longer. The Sun is again more often. The people encounter a much more friendly and everything just starts to live again. Now the season begins again, where one evening likes with friends in pubs is and outdoors enjoying a glass of wine or beer. Typical Spanish, no matter whether in Madrid or Barcelona, to the jar, wine in the evening is a selection of tapas, always served the delicious appetizers appetizers. At tapas are no limits the cooking, because tapas can be pretty much anything, what one imagines only.

There are some stories about the origins of tapas. One of them is due to King Alfonso X. The King ordered that, free to serve a beer or a wine the Stagecoach at every stop on a stagecoach station or posada. As a result of the alcohol on the reins, the accidents piled up. So the King decided that even a bite should be served to the drink. So, the host revealed that Beer or wine glass with a slice of bread, which was busy with ham or chorizo, to. Tapar means German cover. The most likely option is that previously put an edible cover on a glass, it could fall into no fly.

This so-called cover initially only consisted a slice of ham or cheese. In the course of time this cover or tapas developed but to more sophisticated and kostlicheren appetizers. The variety of tapas are limitless: from the simple bowls of olives and bread to culinary creations such as shrimp with Chili fried in olive oil or dates in the Serrano ham coat. Tapas recipes vary from region to region. You want to host a tapas party at home depending on the taste simple and more elaborate tapas can combine. Depending on the number of your guests, prepare many different variations. Your guests will be thrilled and there’s certainly something for everyone’s taste. Here a simple and quick recipe for tapas: tomatoes olives anchovies 1 tin of anchovy filets in Oil 2-3 tomatoes 1 can olives stuffed with Jalapenos of olive oil, salt, black pepper tomato crosswise cut briefly in boiling water place and cold deter skin. Core and cut into bite-sized pieces. Meanwhile olives and anchovies drain.Spread approximately 1 anchovy and 1 olive on each piece of tomato. Attach them with toothpicks. Sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper and drizzle with olive oil. However, you want to try the real tapas, do not hesitate and come to Barcelona. Stay for a few days in a Barcelona Apartment and enjoy Spanish or Catalan atmosphere.