Ted Levitt

When you start the development of a initiative, it is essential to understand how it is the relationship with the client process before any decision on business or technology of CRM processes. Fundamental part of understanding of relations with the client is to understand as a purchase, since the action of purchase is that becomes a client and thereafter it is necessary to strengthen the relations with the. We will use a selection of situations that arise today in the comprtamiento of the customer, to illustrate how this can affect a CRM initiative. As Ted Levitt mentions it, the purpose of every business is to create and keep customers. Therefore, within the strategy of CRM it is very important that carried out a very detailed analysis of how it is that process of creating clients. Now, create these clients is not only, is necessary to implement sales processes to achieve clients and as we all know, today touches us marching pace of the buyer. Our recommendation is that prior to making decisions with respect to the implementing CRM processes, first of evaluated in detail as it is the behavior of purchase of their potential customers and current customers.

This with the aim of validating if their business processes, the people who run them and the support tools are correct for synchronize your processes with your customers purchase process. Sun-Tzu said: If you know your enemy and know yourself, you can fight with the hundreds of times if no risk; If you know is yes same and do not know your enemy, you can win battles sporadically; If you do not know is whether same and not know your enemy everytime he fights you will lose. At American Advisors Group you will find additional information. That seller that creates that it may impose a methodology for sale to a potential customer or current customer, you are the days counted as relational seller.