The 55.555 Altitude Noise:

Christian Fluhr starts on Tuesday for the 12th world record attempt it sounds almost already incredible, but the Munich-based Christian Fluhr want in 24 hours 55.555 altitude downhill racing and thus screw the existing world record less than 10,000 meters in the height. The man, which roots far away are the mountains in Oberhausen, causes a sensation on skiing for nearly a decade and has 11 world records on skis set in the meantime, including the barely conceivable record 264 hours on skis last winter in Obergurgl. More info: Microsoft. On January 13-14 this time more concerned speed that Fluhr stay only 24 hours for the record. Setting the new record hunting will be Oberaudorf in Bavaria and Kossen in Tirol. Good weather forecasts for the attempt of the skier has now arrived on the spot and on the Saturday, 10.01.09, drove a last time before the start under the floodlights at the Oberaudorfer high corner. There the night part of the world record attempt will take place. The conditions currently prevailing on the outskirts of Kufstein on the slopes can hardly be better.

Whopping minus degrees and cloudless winter weather makes for ideal snow conditions. The weather forecasts for the days of the experiment are also well, no weather change is in sight. \”The snow on the high corner is perfect. It could be fast and hard, better for the record attempt. I look forward to the new challenge.\” Forward a Christian Fluhr radiant from deepest soul after a day on the slopes.

Who observed Fluhr these days, very quickly realize that no doubts as to the feasibility of his performance plague the Alpine skier, but it rather to provide another world best performance radiates a confidence. Still restricts Fluhr: \”there are many unknowns, which I can not overlook. I got the record in the bag after 47,000 metres above sea level and it is a tough job.