The Confidence

Therefore we will lose the confidence of the customers and visitors if to use this artifice. 10. To publish real certifications of customers using the real names of the people and links whenever possible. 11. To publish case studies on the customers who we have helped with our product or service. 12. Not to make negative commentaries on the competitors.

13. Not to place the focus in the objective of the fast sales. 14. Recently Paul Stappard sought to clarify these questions. To send its new and interesting articles first for the visitor and the customer, and do not stop the search engines. 15.

To create a page ‘ ‘ on ns’ ‘ to gain the interest and the confidence of the visitor. Therefore they need to feel itself comfortable with our business. 16. To add our photo in the site, mainly will be a personal site, so that the visitors and customers see that they will be taken care of by a person. 17. To identify the publisher of the site. So that the visitor knows with who is dealing. 18. The site must have a page ‘ ‘ Contatos’ ‘ with all the information that the visitor can need to enter in contact, as its number of telephone, fax, email and address of the company. This also helps the visitor namely that it is a real business and not ‘ ‘ fictcio’ ‘ this very increases the credibility of the site. 19. To supply an address of particular email with proper domain, It is good for using an address of professional email. 20. We have to have care when using links reciprocal in the site. Links must be pertinent to the business. This if also applies with the advertising. 21. To create and to publish one politics of proper privacy that establishes clearly what it goes and what does not go to be visualized by the too much customers or visitors. to 22.Escrever and to publish one politics of security indicating the measures that we use for all the operations that provide one high level of security for the customers. 23. Advisable to have one link for the page of politics of privacy in the baseboard of each page. 24. To publish the guarantees of confidencialidade of the data harvested for the site, to leave clearly that, in hypothesis some the sensible data will be shared with third. 25. If to use the Moip, for example, we will need to add logotipo and link for the site. In the same way we will make for other services of payment. Using these suggestions, we will gain the confidence of the visitors. Therefore they will know that we have the best interests in mind.