The Educators

As well as the figure of the Educator of Street exists already at night, that acts between " habitantes" of the metropolitan railroads, it will be precise to adapt to the new circumstances and to surpass the conception of which the Educators of Street limit their battle area the parish or the district. This Educator can assume other roles, be had with new personages and, without forgetting its roll, connecting with the subjects that will be fundamental objectives of their action. To introduce itself in " movida" youthful and in the young spaces improvisation supposes to prepare it and to leave a little the dogmatism that repeats the same schemes that take to the failure. Every day they are plus the public institutions, administrations and associations that count in their groups in the field of the social thing with street educators, which will allow without a doubt to clarify progressively his functions. It is difficult to combine criteria to outline of concise form the complexity of tasks that can have this educator, a the view of the changing social reality that advises fast adaptations and accomodations that demands the new framework that trains the groups of their practice. Known they are its tasks until the moment and that comprise of their daily task: – Detection of the social difficulties and its causes.

– Relation with the institutions. – Relation and dialogue with the adressees. – Reeducation and intervention for the improvement of the interpersonal relations. – Organization of the daily life in the individual and group scope. – Group and communitarian Animation. – Formation, information and direction. The Educators of Street develop in the space street through individual, group problematic work of attention of or of the community. Here the related ones to the information, direction and advising of people and groups along with the close coordination with the multidisciplinary equipment or institution would fit to which it belongs.