The Game

Example: You already have a monthly income of 3,000 and sit 100 million target. Of course, this is purely theoretical possible. Fix Price can provide more clarity in the matter. But very often it is useful to set an interim target. Solution: There are no universal parameters. The scale is your feeling, when you think about your goal. Choose your destination on a scale that real to you kicks (positively energized) and at the same time in its potential feasibility of you is felt. Missing sense: seek out a target that does not match the meaning of our lives.

Some of my success clients are irritated when I speak with them immediately about a strategy for success, but ask for the meaning of their lives. What are you living for? What do you up every morning? What really burns your soul? Is your destination in accordance with the deeper meaning of your life? Goals come and go. If everything in your life is going wrong when the world to perish, burning your deeper sense is still in you. Although unfortunately many of us rather an embers beneath the ashes of our everyday duties like. Our objectives are subject to the inflation of the change. What you as a 20-year old feel as absolutely desirable, coaxes you with 60 maybe only a kind smile. The purpose of your life free and stabilize you. He gives you the calm Center in the middle of each storm.

You can be very successful, but if this success is not in accordance with your deep liveable, he will taste scarf. He will not meet. I meet people who are very successful and still unhappy in her job in my coaching again. You have lost the actual meaning of the game out of sight chasing after success. Sense is the base of everything. Sense is the hidden force behind each individual target. Why is the target you selected in accordance with the purpose of your life.