The Manure

To one average box you need 3 bags as basic bedding and therefore to the missing amount to be spread always. Aslak Ross insists that this is the case. For the subsequent spreading, you can pay less with a bag a week. Of course, this amount depends on the behavioural way of the horse. In a nervous horse, you need more litter. The extent of used litter is determined not only by the size of the box or the behavioural way of the horse, but also by the kind of the horse.

In the opinion of some horse owners a denser layer of litter is necessary for performance horses and a lower layer is sufficient for leisure horses. A litter due to diseases, horses are very sensitive animals, where the respiratory diseases and allergies very easy can arise, if they are not available on appropriate bedding. Many horses, such as for example the performance horses, spend a lot of time in the box. For this reason, some horse owners select chips for bedding because it is dusted, so the various diseases can be hindered. The dedusted Chopped straw has the beneficial properties of the chips and in addition, it makes a very soft, warm and cozy bedding for horses, as these animals love the clean, soft straw lie and sleep. Manure disposal with the chopped and dusted straw bedding is far less manure, as in other similar scatter a.

You can say that it is developed so much crap, like with chips. Is a big difference between the two scatter and that the manure disposal beiSpanen problematic is because it changes the PH value of the soil, which slowly degrades the bio gas are not happy to take it. The crap out of chopped straw decomposes quickly and is popular with biogas plants. If with mushrooms, the crap out of straw is someone a very rich substrate. For example, Dutch and Belgians dispose of it very much for mushroom cultivation. Problem case there is some horse people who are afraid of the chopped straw litter, because some horses eat the small chopped bedding. This can be at Animals cause colic. Of course you can avoid this with habituation and assurance of the bring.