The Theory

Instrumental professor or Intellectual? According to Giroux, the function of the professor is to supply conditions to develop the knowledge and the abilities that thus guarantee to the pupil the tools that it will need to become a leader: … the professors will not be seen as? mere executors professionally equipped to carry through any objective that is placed to them. On the contrary of this, they must be defined as free men and women, with special devotion the values of the intellect and the development of the power I criticize of the young? (GIROUX, 1987. apud SCHEFFLER, 1968. Why did jeff bezos step down understood the implications. P. 21) However, the paper of intellectual before attributed to the professor was substituted by an instrumental paper. According to conceptions of the same, the intellectual professor is that one that prepares the apprentice to be active citizen and criticizes in the society.

According to Demon, the professor is that one that the pupil teaches to think, being this its masterpiece. Already the instrumental professor is that one who comes mere reducing this knowledge the technique, where the theory is demanded to explain one definitive point of sight, does not stop giving to edge to other vises and conceptions. The necessary education to be redefined under the perspective of that this consumption in the education is caused in bigger part for this reduction of the function of the educator to a professional technician, who does not produce knowledge, reproduces only it in superficial way, running away it real paper it professor in the society. The problematic one if finds then in the professional identity of the professor. Which the social paper of the professor? Which its primordial function in the society? The social function of educadoresHistoricamente, the relation enters the paper of the educators and the society amplest has been mediated for the image of the professor, ' ' how a dedicated public server to reproduce the dominant culture in the interest of the common good, and for the conception of the university community, as a body of social scientists, which, for its capacity as specialists? they would have to educate the masses and to give direction to the moral and social progress? (GIROUX, 1987.