Thomas Weibold

That ESP is part of the standard equipment, probably not extra mention. The Hill Start assist is practical. When on inclines prevents the vehicle from rolling back. There, the troubles of my pedagogical were completely free. There is also no coarser Schnitzer amenities with space and handling.

Length of the front seats can be adjusted mechanically, you can however electrically adjust the seat height and backrest tilt. The seats provide good lateral support, the padding could be but a track soft, says my Princess and the pea. Back, you feel too constricted and 475 litres fit into the trunk. From the steering wheel, you can retrieve the menus of the on-board computer and control the standard CD radio. I chose 50 APS the something better version audio, 1075 euros extra charge. Which gets you supplied but also a DVD navigation system.

I like no Navis from accessory retailers, you must put cumbersome on the windshield. The display of the Werksnavis is hiding under the cover above the vents. It is relatively small and offers only an arrow representation instead of a map. It considered also traffic reports and is easy to use. The bottom line what I me else have given? The A-Edition package to around 700 euro with heated seats front, through charging facilities, cruise control, metallic paint and parking aid, rear; various odds and ends like a speakerphone, a media interface for the connection of external audio devices and velour floor mats. Most expensive that charge but was intelligent light system with around 1660 euros. I have a cornering light function, LED daytime running lights, headlight washers and LED-flashing beacons in the exterior mirrors bi-xenon headlights with variable light distribution for road, highway and strong fog now, also. 6767 euro on extras were the bottom line. What a total made a new acquisition price of 39.647 euros. But the progress must be one worth just also something. by Thomas Weibold,