Training Centre

Its competencies include also aromatherapy, herbal medicine and orthomolecular medicine. Josef wood Hay Riedel supervised 30 years Olympic athletes, executives, as well as stressed mothers and children with stress at school, nutrition and health issues. The participation is free of charge on the day of back health. Registration for the day of back health are under 08121 / 97 19 23 Poing and 08121/10 60 for Forstinning, as well as the registration form on the website at… possible.

About the therapy & Training Center Baumann the curative & Training Center Baumann is specialist around the musculoskeletal system in the Munich-based East for over 40 years. The holistic concept of preventive and rehabilitative measures (physiotherapy) ranges up to modern, chip card-driven fitness training. Franz Baumann on the 2.5.1969 opened his practice for massage and medicinal baths in Poing. This was the first practice of its kind between Munich and Erding. Before its independence he was medical FC Bayern doctor Dr. Chuck Bauer worked, where he and a.

many former Bayern player and several Actor and singer, as well as athletes from many other sports could experience treated and more. During this time he represented the masseur of the TSV 1860 Munchen, Hans also often Monday, at several away games. These experiences and treatment techniques with top athletes were also his future patients and injured athletes, such as for example the football players of the FC Falke market Swabia benefit, whose care he took over several years. Since May 2008, the therapy & Training Centre in Poing is headed by his son Ralf Baumann, which continues the business with the same passion. The therapy & Training Center in Forstinning consists of since 1980, available since January 2011 conducted by Ralf Baumann. For more information see contact Mr.