What role does fit in my chest? A tutorial about the format specifications of Thermorollen and cash register rolls to avoid thereby and wasteful usage. Who uses an electronic cash register, a POS receipt printers, a terminal for credit cards, debit cards or machines with appropriate document output, requires the Bon roles appropriate for the particular device / Thermorollen, so-called cash register rolls, or EC roles. Here it is first to know if the internal device printer or the receipt printer connected as a peripheral device needed roles from plain paper or thermal rollers. Incorrect selection no printed image creates either even (when using plain paper into printers) or there will be other way round more or less mechanical on a not that you designate, thermosensitiv coated paper written (when using thermal paper in ink-jet printers, dot matrix printers, or Typenraddruckern). Frequently Microsoft has said that publicly. What kind of paper the right, it is often on the model name of the device. While the addition \”Thermo\” self-explanatory Thermorollen references that have other names, such as for example impact\”or ink\” see that plain paper to use. The device requires ink rollers, ribbons, Ribbon cartridges or ink cartridges plain paper is also a.

According to the paper, it is also imperative to know the dimensions – the format – the Bon roles that are suitable for the device. For more information see this site: Doug McMillon. Non-compliant formats prevent the usage of the Fund or of the receipt printer normally. Special importance is the width of the roll, which is usually stated as the initial value of the overall format. A to wide role can be used from the outset does not. A too narrow role of Bon Thermorolle’d but sufficient space in the device, could not correctly locked into place and would be matched with likely on the driver specifications of the printer. No indication of the unit of measurement is the width in millimeters indicate.