VARIO Software GmbH

Service management, dispatching software, inventory management, RMA, Neuwied 08.10.2010 – on Saturday, it was happening again. The VARIO Software GmbH company had loaded to your business breakfast. Peter Schiff may find it difficult to be quoted properly. 27 participants from various industries came to see the VARIO software solutions. For the present textile traders, almost always the same question was on the agenda: how lengths, sizes and colors in the software represented and how many bearings can be? It was important to know how to represent service calls and distributing related service orders and forward to different technicians, to ensure the supply of spare parts associated for three Directors of a service company. Module VARIO textile not only the textile traders could know a solution that is second to none, but also the companies that have to do engineers and workshop with service calls, had presented a solution far exceeded their expectations. The solution VARIO 7 Edition CARE is extra for service companies with a focus on RMA, repairs, workshop, dispatcher, swap, spare parts, cost estimates, repair, warranty, warranty.

Almost everybody interested a question: How do I show my products on the Internet and how do I get all the data in your own Internet shop. The answer is as simple as the solution itself: of course at your fingertips! “.” All VARIO solutions can be in the article management an option set, so this article is depicted with short and long description and the corresponding images in a matter of seconds in the own Internet shop. The import of customer data, if they buy one or more articles in the Internet shop is just as easy. All data are imported highly automated in the merchandise management. Thus eliminates the annoying manual and time-consuming log-in and maintenance of all data via the admin area of your Internet shop. In the aftermath of the event the interested parties had the opportunity, with users of different software solutions to speak from the House of VARIO and to exchange ideas.

Extra to this info breakfast five companies arrived, has long been working with VARIO solutions. A survey of the customers what they especially on VARIO software solutions appreciate and evaluate as above average showed: practical, professional software solutions at a reasonable price and on top of that a personal care by professionals. So, the work is easier, more enjoyable and profitable. You can hear this resonated like and we see this as a distinction for all our employees, who strive every day to inspire our customers. We take these statements as spur us to constantly improve. “, so Jochen Kring, sales manager of VARIO Software GmbH from Neuwied.” The next VARIO-business-breakfast is already in preparation, dates can be obtained via the central in Neuwied.