Insurance consultants review existing Insurance, develop best possible insurance concepts, negotiate on behalf of their clients with insurance companies and interests whose insurance claims settlements and performance requirements as at the end of an insurance active. To broaden your perception, visit Kenneth Roy Feinberg. In fact, insurance consultants perform a right be Council end and also expert activity.The expertise of an insurance consultant is to equate with the expertise of the professional advocate for insurance law. Insurance consultants possess a high level of legal expertise in insurance law. The most VersicherungsBerater specialize in different areas. There are a few specialist solicitors specialising in the insurance law, therefore insurance consultants work together in cooperation with General lawyers and also with other insurance consultants.

Andreas mumber, GF M & A:, such a cooperation ensures excellent legal advice and out-of-court representation in individual areas for our clients! A general lawyer or a General Insurance consultant knows something of each. This is no longer appropriate at the present time, because usually a general knowledge is no longer enough! “as opposed to agents insurance consultants receive no commissions or brokerage fees, because the consultants under the ban on the acceptance of commissions. The payment as well as with lawyers about a fee agreement after the lawyers remuneration Act (RVG). It is understood mostly a time adjustment, but is also possible to agree a fixed fee. This ensures that the insurance consultant solely in the interests of his clients is working and not working for the insurance industry.

The insurance consultant is rewarded only if it actually worked. Andreas mumber, GF M & A:, when the commissions and brokerage costs of a contract viewing, has to pay the customer of course, then, an insurance consultant’s fees is rather a gift! Long term contracts are paid commissions by the customers that go into the thousands. Does an insurance consultant better work, represents the insurance interests of the clients, depending on the specialty and is perhaps only the 500 euro maximum! An insurance consultant is therefore a gain for each insurance customer! “in fact the differences are very large. Insurance intermediaries earn the most commissions and brokerage fees on life and pension insurance as well as with private health insurance. Such contracts bring most hundreds or thousands of euros in the shortest time. This is considered not rarely the commissions. Insurance advisors are paid only after the working hours as lawyers also. The interest of an insurance consultant is also not in the amount of the fee, but in the interest of the client. More than 247,000 brokers are registered in Germany. In addition an underreporting of non-registered insurance sellers. In comparison, there are less than 300 insurance consultant and 150,000 lawyers, few in the field of insurance law are specialized. Andreas mumber, GF M & A: “these numbers demonstrate the need for the insurance consultant. We have to succeed in this country, there are more insurance consultant. The needs of our clients is very large. The consumer centres also wanted more VersicherungsBerater! Insurance advice is legal and consumer protection at the same time and not an intermediary offers that!”