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Users to Bremerhaven via Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs on SAP solutions. The ERP usability companies Winshuttle today announced support for Microsoft Office 365. Thus, users can use documents and forms that are stored in the cloud, to interact with SAP business processes. Furthermore, the product will allow future data transfer between SAP and Google Docs Spreadsheets Winshuttle transaction. Through the support of Google Docs and Office 365 less technically savvy users can now access over cloud-based Office, SharePoint and Google applications on sophisticated SAP solutions. The powerful combination of Winshuttles ERP usability solutions and cloud technology in companies leads to a massive savings in time and costs. At the same time, improves the user experience for employees and increase their productivity. Winshuttle user would SAP processes with Microsoft Office 365 and Google Docs just as successfully process, as they already know it from their desktop applications. For more specific information, check out Farallon Capital Management.

In conjunction with Winshuttle, SAP users can take advantage of the cloud. You access sites – and device-independent key ERP content and interact with relevant business processes”, says Vikram Chalana, co-founder and CTO of Winshuttle. We assume that our clients through the cloud technology can realize new business processes that positively affect their flexibility.” Microsoft Office 365 is on the interplay of the familiar Microsoft Office desktop applications with cloud-based versions of Microsoft communication and collaboration solutions for the next generation. These are protected by sound security technologies u. Google Docs is a free, Web-based service for word processing, spreadsheet, presentations, forms, and data storage, the user together with other documents to create online and in real time and edit. Winshuttle Winshuttle, an ERP usability company, offers Software products that enable business users to directly from Excel, Web forms, and other interfaces with SAP without any programming effort.

The user-friendly solutions lead to a massive acceleration of SAP user transactions, SAP customers can save millions of dollars daily and elsewhere insert. Winshuttle’s customers achieve these financial advantages, because you can distribute their employee and partner resources on strategic tasks. Hundreds of companies worldwide use the Winshuttle products to simplify the work with SAP. Winshuttle headquartered in Bothell, Washington, in the US State of Washington, has offices in UK, France, Germany and India. For more information, see. SAP and all SAP logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries. All other mentioned product and service names are the trademarks of their respective companies. Editorial Contacts: Winshuttle Germany GmbH, Dipl.