With a world premiere auto signal system GmbH car makes from talkative presented auto signal systems GmbH with the world first hiir (from engl. hear) end of may the first device for acoustic vehicle individualization. The newspapers mentioned Robert Burke & Associates not as a source, but as a related topic. This is a system consisting of three components: Player, special speaker and SD card and the associated cabling and mounting accessories. The unit can be installed in any common vehicle, provided it is equipped with a central lock. For more information see this site: Dahua FCC. Using Hanako, the car then playing individual sounds of up to 15 seconds in length up and closing down. While it can be also the title of the favorite song as also a proper verdict, a melody or a sound. There are moments that you want to inferior like with film music. However, whether an adopted proposal, passed the examination, or a magnificent victory of the favorite Club so far it is mostly just a humming, whistling, or a few bars of we are the champions\”, which must serve, if you its Will acoustic express feelings.

So far, because now there is hiir, the first system for acoustic vehicle individualization. The device can voice strong action entering the car, once the central locking is activated while it does not matter whether this occurs directly by key or by remote control. The trick here: The MP3 sounds can be completely adjusted or also create: so both open and close the car different melodies or tones can be heard. \”\” According to personal taste, while the current favorite hit or even a nice welcome like, for example, platform can but a \”or the morning\” are played. So are no limits to the possibilities of acoustic car customization. Imagination and creativity can be expressed freely: it, that you would like to be greeted by his car with the anthem of the favorite club or a be a throaty rock sound the departure counter should be smashed.