What Is Silver?

There are silver coins on the way to Mars today probably no Western budget more, where anything from silver exists, mostly silver jewelry. But why actually, where does the silver… First of all, silver is a chemical element (AG) from the eleventh group of the periodic system. But that alone is not at home has around are. Master Class brings even more insight to the discussion. The origin of the word silver is not entirely in the clear.

Could be from the Germanic silubra”, or by the Basque zilar come, or maybe not. In any case, the abbreviation AG comes from the Latin Argentum”off. Argent but also still not so exciting. Silver is a soft well malleable metal. AHA, now it is already interesting. Already since the fifth millennium BC.

About silver is consumed, preferably coins or silver jewelry and was at times more valuable than gold. In Germany, there was plenty of silver mines and one lived well. Only as the Spaniards brought large amounts from America to Europe and Japan also exported, decreased the value of silver, due to the oversupply on the all over the world. Then gold took over the domination of the coins, silver lost still more economic importance. And then more silver was there the development of stainless steel stainless steel, no platters or utensils. The stainless steel was also much cheaper. Not even in the photography and photo chemistry it takes the silver salts more, now, where almost everyone has a digital camera. But as bad as it sounds now, it seems then but not ordered to the sales of silver, because as already initially mentioned, there are probably far and wide not household in Western climes, there is no silver in the despite the. Was it only a small piece. Mostly it exists, in the form of silver jewelry, rings, necklaces or earrings more often as cutlery or already less one has other kitchenware, silver knickknacks on the shelves are, this is true at least on average Joe. But who knows, perhaps silver is discovered again for something completely different, on Mars or something.