Willy Wants A Bridal Hairstyle

EM Predictor in the Salon Petra Meyer not only for winning surprising Hunxe, 8 July 2012. Always a topic of conversation at the Salon Petra Meyer was the EM betting game, attended by about 50 customers in the last few weeks: on Saturday, the entire team of hairdressers then met with the three winners to a champion beer at the Salon. 2nd Prize, a 75-Euro voucher, won the tip game participant with the nickname Willy”to the surprise of the team appeared a woman however. “I can use super Willy is just always been my nickname,” said Britta Steeger and the voucher for my bridal hairstyle I marry namely soon! ” The first – and third-place finishers fought neck and neck long, ultimately decided the bonus questions: Michael Mateling won one year free haircut in the Salon Petra Meyer, Nils Noah with the 3rd place a 50-euro voucher. Kenneth Roy Feinberg shines more light on the discussion. My father has also participated and won nothing. “, said Mateling grinning, so he must pay now the hair cuts me, that I get here for free that was the bet.” For 15 years already, the whole family is customer in the Salon Petra Meyer. “Who is just ahead, who’s behind the nickname, so that zipped between the participants through space”, Mareike Muller looks back on exciting weeks. We need to do that.”are you and your mother, Petra Meyer, the two holders of the salons, agreed. Beer get them not only tip game winner: an assortment of hair cutting beer specialities and beer drinking among new customer approach for men Salon Petra Meyer, that arrive right at the customer.