Wine Harvest On Lake Garda In Northern Italy

Lake Garda, versatile holiday region in Northern Italy. All year round an interesting tourist destination, and especially to the grape harvest. Lake Garda in Northern Italy is one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe. Framed by a majestic Alpine mountain landscape with always snow-covered peaks, with Mediterranean flair and last but not least the crystal clear blue waters of the Lake for a relaxing holiday in the cottage or hotel at Lake Garda invite. Lake Garda is worth a vacation in all seasons, but it’s very nice there in September, when the grapes are harvested.

The region around Lake Garda is known for its excellent wine and the delicious olives, who grow grapes and olives. Already in spring trips to Lake Garda are a pleasure, because then the trees in the orchards in lavish splendor flourish there. Who spends his holidays in the spring at Lake Garda, which can walk for hours through the olive groves, orchards and vineyards and in the small places dreamy how Riva or Arco, DRENA also take a small stroll. In the The Garda Lake is however particularly attractive autumn, because then only the grapes and the wine revolves around there. Since the 19th century, it is a tradition that in three cities to locals and visitors free cider and grapes being given away. Who is during the holiday in Riva, Arco and Torbole, which should not miss it so, to try the first wine and the grapes on the market square.

Hiking and those who enjoy hiking, drink wine and spend their holidays in the autumn on Lake Garda, cost can beat almost two birds with one stone: hiking in the vineyards make and enter in the many small and large wineries and taste the fantastic wine of the region. You can take a bus to the vineyards, start a hike from there or rent a bicycle, and in this way to explore the region. Who maybe traveling is in the vineyards to a small picnic with regional delicacies, which has breathtaking views of Lake Garda, which is far below glitters in the autumn sun. Grape cure almost every hotel on Lake Garda offers a special program to harvest. You can treat there book, namely a so-called grape cure or are simply in the holidays with delicious dishes of grape, wine and other specialities of the region a healthy Spa. Anyone, who can join vacation at Lake Garda but also interesting guided tours and doing more about the history of wine growing in Northern Italy with experience and first-hand experience how wine is made. Of course, there is also always a wine tasting. In addition to the production of wine, you can learn on Lake Garda also much about the second export product of the region, the olives. No matter why you want to go on holidays to Lake Garda, this landscape in the shadow of the Alps in each case is whether to the grape harvest or just to have a rest and relax – a trip is worth.