Wolfgang Bergmann

No real proof is known to me. Why do you people to work slaves and those who have no work to social parasites? Why humiliates you people to do nothing with these debts and the Nutzniesserei – have and completely innocent and ignorant on these economic activities are? Why is it they don’t participate in the profits? There is no usable, understandable answer. How long will this go on so, that the poor are getting poorer and rich get richer, and why is that? Why does the thousands? There is no usable, understandable explanation only the answer that it is so and that again is a matter of faith. Why does no one on the idea to resolve this injustice? Here there is only one logical answer, you don’t want to, because there is an answer, that means: global primary care for people and Nations, the way go to another company. This primary care, would produce worldwide, annually about 90 trillion dollars, which unfortunately again above channels would disappear and cause no harm with a relatively stable price policy.

The current proliferation of money not is probably 90 trillion, no one knows exactly how much it is. More information is housed here: Maersk. These 90 trillion would be but all nations of their social transfers and in the short term by relieve their debts and provide production facilities, humane jobs and a sustainable recovery. These would be 90 billion the current proliferation of money stop and bring almost to a halt, because they mean almost the end of great speculation. They would positively change the world in any view, and ultimately save. No wealth is created commodity futures, commodities and food with daily speculation in government bonds, Forex, thoughtless, so cruel, but poverty and all-ruling, world watch only, as in the shock and trance, or apparent death as if they were not affected.

You can dictate even the interest on its bonds by any nebulous agencies that do not have the slightest legitimacy or democratic basis. It’s like in the Wild West. My idea is that we all people and our Nations, too, which is very important on financial par with the emancipating capital must bring. This is in turn, logically only with additional money, lots of money, which indeed is missing corners and somehow exists. Anywhere just to get this amount of money, they’re not real, just the opposite, just empty coffers and counterproductive debt. Very strange. This compensation, which is still missing by a supplementary financial system that is cost-neutral and by politics and economy regardless, so can cost anyone a penny, be created. I want to explain it once quite primitive. We need an additional financial supply system. We need a world supply company for peoples and Nations, which has a license for the online award of money in all amounts needed to finance an independent global primary care for people and Nations (budgets) in all currencies. I’m not talking by the printing of money that no longer really exists. To implement such global basic supplies, there is a scientific, economic and of course environmental rules, which in the form of a Constitution for global primary care, must be deposited. According to this Constitution, which has human rights, the nature and the survival of our planet in all other respects, oriented, basically, any nation that joins this base supply system knits to and that, with a few exceptions – surely all be.