Friendship Beyond Boundaries

A little over two months ending the edition of the Ruta Quetzal BBVA 2009, this year with a duration of almost six months for its division into two: one made in Spain in July and again by Chilean land last December. For the young participants was more than an adventure and a journey, it really has made these young people has been conocido.En that I want to focus now on the theme of friendship. I think there are too many articles that explain all the places and routes for these young corners, but few focus on what really makes the Ruta Quetzal: the roadway. In recent months, Oxford University has been very successful. The last day of the expedition, in the act of delivery of diplomas, the head of Jesus Camp Luna, dear to the expedition, said "today is the day we all been waiting for now is the beginning of a friendship forever," These words made a tear fall over one by the very thought that within a few hours were to be separated from those who for this time had become his family. I could write more than one book about each of the stories they have lived these young people, but I'll settle it brought some examples of the friendship shared by these guys. We just got to Concepcion where routers take leave of the Chilean naval vessel "Valdivia", also called "The Shaker" (I think you can imagine why), Daisy, an American expeditionary, down to earth with a few balloons on you can read things like "Happy Birthday" or "we love you." Today is his birthday.

His bandmates have prepared a surprise, all the balloons and still more are now the focus of the cameras and the rest of the roadway. "The love you," said Daisy, smiling at one of the journalists that he is filming. There is always celebrated a birthday on a boat in the Pacific surrounded by friends from all over the world, right? On the way to the Isla de Robinson Crusoe can see a small group of eight expedition to the tail of the "quetzal", "always go everywhere together," says one of the instructors. Francois, router of Belgium, is the only boy among the eight, the monitors joke with him to look after "their seven girls, each from a different country. Continue running while joking and laughing together despite the nearly 6-hour walk that carry over, the famous spirit router.

This is a great example of how friendship knows no borders, cultures and distances, and probably will not understand time and will last forever. It is true that the path never ends, just the trip that made the expedition, but not the spirit. The sample, after two terrible earthquakes in Haiti and Chile have tried everything expedition to get news of their friends in these countries and give aid where they can both have gotten Sem Bruel, Haitian router, get graduating in Spain because in his country has no resources to do so. These are just three examples of the many stories after these young people will have shared unforgettable experiences and who have known the true value of friendship, sharing, solidarity … it seems impossible, but believe me, is very true.

SMS Company

Today, in an era of constant technological progress, to try to draw a life of modern man without a convenient devices such as TV, computer, etc., very difficult. Among the thoughtful things firmly occupies a niche and a mobile phone. Of course, these are different organizations that are anxious to get information about their services and products available to a variety of explorations and tools. A mobile phone, to word refers to one of the most effective ways to send information. At Ken Feinberg you will find additional information. First, it is quite cheap. Second, do not need to write special programs. Third – this is not indirect contact with a potential buyer and the opportunity to understand whether the message was delivered to the addressee. SMS sending service developing rapidly at present, almost every day expands the spectrum of mod SMS services and SMS shares.

Undoubtedly, first mass sending of short messages is important for the organization and advertising to promote its goods and services. With a database of customers with their names, you can organize a mass delivery SMS to all buyers, and addressing each by name. Naturally, this service will increase the rating organization or company in the eyes of the buyer and will awaken in him a desire to agree to his proposed use of the service or desire to leave them interested in the promoted product. The potential power is unlimited bulk SMS messaging. In addition to information services and distribution of promotion, SMS distribution helps to carry out surveys of customers that will generate the most correct notion about what kind of sold services or products are most popular among them.

Loyal customers are very fond of discount systems. And with the help of SMS advertising will be regularly inform customers about upcoming programs and discount available today and now shares. This attention from the company can not bring about positive emotions in the client, and they feel not just a customer, a "special" and try not to stop the interaction. SMS Sending Service help you promote your company, your products and services via mobile communications. Sending SMS, you will have the opportunity to free to change the name of the sender's phone number on the organization or company, or any other, an inscription that suits you. You can send SMS messages to a huge number of users, all of which will be delivered in seconds. You will be able to promptly inform its users about future discounts and promotions. Remember that SMS messages for the most part better than advertising on television, radio or newspapers. SMS stored in the memory of the mobile phone and if necessary it can always be read. This is a great alternative to your company's catalog.

Russia Rail

Rail transport in Voronezh provides rail freight not only on the territory of the Voronezh area and as well as in other cities in Russia and abroad. Rail freight Voronezh have relatively low transport costs compared with, for example with road haulage. Rail freight serve as a supply of goods different parts of Voronezh and Russia. Of course, the choice stops on the rail in the event that you need to transport large volume of cargo from one city to another, for example, from Voronezh, Novosibirsk. Due to the fact that rail takes a big tonnage, due to the cost of transporting it to a single tonne of reduced several times. Paul R. Cascio is likely to increase your knowledge. If you need to transport a small amount of cargo is not better to use rail transport, such as automotive, adapted to the small cargo. What are the pros and cons have rail.

M / A Voronezh have mass transportation advantages. For example, high speed delivery, low cost of transporting one ton possible to transport long distances, as well as on the territory of one of the city. The disadvantage of rail freight in Voronezh is its low mobility, as is provided to build a railway from one house to another. So we have to choose who, what and how the case fits more with the need to transport goods in Voronezh, trucking or rail. In general, difficulties with delivery to be not must be because where there is a railway station, there always is and access routes to them, which can carry the load after the initial transport by rail in Voronezh. Together with the lines of communication is convenient for loading and unloading devices and installation pozolyayuschie overloaded cargo from rail after his prevozki by rail to other vehicles in Voronezh. You can always order rail freight or just F / A carriage in Voronezh. No matter what city you're in Voronezh or not.

Mining Machinery Industry

The existing problems of the mining machinery industry in China include two aspects: Firstly, the comprehensive strength of the mining machinery industry enterprises is not strong enough. As for the most enterprises, the investment and efforts spent on scientific research, development of new product, technological innovation and business management are at a standstill. The variety of the products, especially the key equipment (sand making machine) urgently needed by the national construction, cannot meet the requirements. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Fidelity Investments on most websites. And the problems of low technological content, low value-added products, unstable product quality, and low overall work productivity exist, which results in that the output growth and profit growth is disproportionate of mining machinery manufacturing enterprises in our country. Secondly, there are problems in product variety, technology, quality and service, leading to that the current contribution rate of the domestic mining machinery industry to the mines is low. Taking the metallurgy as an example, the number of the equipment that are currently in use is about 1180 kinds, but the part of self-supporting is only about 26% and most of them are the ones with low technical content and lower quality.

A wide gap exists between domestic equipment (crushing plant, mobile crushing station), and other imported equipment.Therefore, the experts put forward the solutions to the problems to improve the innovative capacity of the mining machinery industry: Firstly, the different forms of union between mining machinery manufacturing industry and foreign companies and domestic professional design institute should be established, including the formation of the group, the combo, the introduction of technology and talents, and at least the joint-design method. The intervention to the project is the first step and then to improve to achieve a win-win situation.Secondly, to establish and improve the professional applications laboratory as soon as possible to conduct the research of applied technology. In addition, it is necessary to draw support from the related institutions of higher learning at home and abroad, which is not only the training base of technical personnel of mining machinery, but also the origins of the study of basic theory and test technology for mining machinery. Taking different forms of joint and cooperation with them is helpful.


Purchase of used auto parts make sense when you buy auto parts, which during operation of the vehicle is not subject to great wear. is MD and gain more knowledge.. Or in the case when using this part can repair your broken parts. It is sometimes possible to pick up body Parts of the color of your car. As a rule, the price of auto parts in 2 times less than the price of new spares. Do not buy auto parts, which may affect the safe use of the vehicle (brake hoses and pads, ball joints, tie points) In the case where you want to make a good repair its foreign cars should pay attention to the quality of purchased parts. Try to avoid buying very cheap parts (Compared with the original and unoriginal parts well-known companies), as they often do not meet the standards of quality and can quickly fail. If no quality decorative molding, only affects appearance of the car, the use of low-grade brake hoses, is a threat to road safety and can cause serious damage to the car. But the cost for the refurbishment may greatly exceed the savings from buying cheap items amount.

Unfortunately, in recent times some well-known vendors, placing orders for spare parts under its brand, the factories offer low prices and low quality products. When choosing a value of auto parts, do not forget about how much you plan to use another vehicle to further sale. Even the cheapest car parts in some cases have the resource to 50-80 thousand miles. There is also the possibility of purchasing remanufactured parts, and the old, broken-down element is usually delivered in exchange. Restoration of parts involved, usually specialized firms with extensive experience and high-tech equipment. This approach is most productive when replacing these complex and expensive components such as nodes of the power unit, generator, starter, steering rack, steering pumps and air conditioners. This service is offered as an official dealer or independent suppliers of spare parts and can significantly reduce the cost to repair the car. At This company offers a reduced set gives him a guarantee.

Alupkinskiy Palace

Hotels in Crimea: the hotel "Yalta Yard 'and' Russian Riviera 'invite you to the Crimean coast, an unforgettable holiday in Yalta, 2009. Crimea Yalta vacation – the sun, warm sea, air treatment, the abundance of fruit, and scenic landscapes in Yalta … The hotel is located 5 meters from the mountain rivers, near Green Park – 15 min. For even more opinions, read materials from Fiona Clegg. from Yalta embankment and beach town of Yalta. Hotels in Yalta – 'Yalta Courtyard' – it's homeliness, without crowding, and common corridors, it is a reasonable price positive emotions on vacation for your family … In each room, kitchen, furnishings, air conditioning, uninterrupted supply of hot and cold water, satellite and cable TV.

Rest in Yalta – is not only enjoyable but also therapeutic priprovozhdeniya time … Offered – a good cook, nanny, maids, driver-transfer Simferopol – Yalta, Simferopol, delivery holidaymakers on the beaches of the city. Excursion: Yalta – Sudak, Yalta – Sevastopol, Yalta – Mishor, Yalta – Alupkinskiy Palace, Yalta – Swallows Nest, Yalta – The New World, Yalta – Balaklava, Yalta – Simferopol, Yalta – Alushta (Aqua). Horseback riding, swimming with dolphins at Yalta mountain routes to the Crimea … Hotels in Yalta: "The Yalta Yard 'and' Russian Riviera 'invites you to rest ARC 2009! Come to us and we will make your Yalta, vacation-home comfortable and cozy! Additional Services: On-line booking hotel rooms in Yalta Rent a car in Yalta, Crimea Transfer – meeting at the airport and railway station: Simferopol – Yalta-Simferopol Delivery to the beaches of our holiday in Yalta High-speed internet – FREE Services cooks – 3 meals a day for your time and Your individual order Maid Service Laundry Service nannies for your children.

PayPal Surveys

Time is money and almost all companies in databases that are on my site charge a small fee for access to its database. Many people think that when they enter these sites membership immediately start receiving paid surveys. A membership in one of these sites, databases, surveys do not send you surveys. They offer a directory of pre-screened companies to whom you can register and send you paid surveys. They give you access to polling companies they think are the best options.

When using these companies will deliver a tutorial on how to complete successfully paid surveys and compiled a list of paid surveys companies with details of each company, as charged, the prizes delivered or both. They will have a link to each company they recommend and you will be registered in minutes. /a>. If you want a full time income online, paid surveys may not be the best option. Although you can make good money filling out paid surveys, it is most likely not be enough to make you rich. If you want a little extra money without much effort then paid surveys are the way forward.

The key to making money from online paid surveys is to enter as many of these companies. Most companies will send you a couple of surveys per month. This varies from company to company. In addition, you will need to do the following when you complete paid surveys online: 1. Register a single email for surveys paid. 2. Register a PayPal account and add your new address to the account.


It was night and in the base of the sustentation of the roof of the church it had a nest and in the nest it had a bird, that it was not bothered with the cult that happened where the louvores, applauses and pregaes that made to tremble its home. When observing this scene I was clarified by the Spirit that stage portraied some moments of our lives ‘ ‘ the bird has the nest for interesse’ ‘. When he is dark and the night harms the flight and the freedom if it becomes synonymous of risk for the bird, it returns to the nest where it is a safe place, there it waits the storm and the blackout to pass, in the nest it is heated better and been able to generate with security. But when amanhece and the risks are not evidentes, the freedom sensation returns to the nest and the bird starts to desire to the limpid waters of the ribeiros and candies fruits of the forests and the cooling air of dawn, then it abandons the nest to live regaladamente. The birds are as the men who if nestle in the wings of the Highest one for interest, when the terror acomete and the danger is one reality looks the divine protection, but when the storm passes soon it comes the desire to enjoy of the pleasures that the world offers and if they deliver to the wills of the meat. If it must not have the divine protection for interest, must be loved the God and unconditionally be said as Simo Peter when many disciples if had removed Jesus asked: you do not want you another one to remove you? Peter answered: Sir, for who we will go?

German Honorary

The German Volunteer Association is the first partner of the charity action BMW art advent calendar in Munich and Berlin. The German Volunteer Association is involved as one of the 24 sponsors of the action BMW art advent calendar, which this year already takes place for the second time in Munich and Berlin. This charity project offers 24 contemporary artists an opportunity to showcase of their works in a prominent place in Munich and Berlin. At the same time, the action serves a good purpose collected donations benefit the SOS Children Village Association. The facades of the BMW brand showcase at the Lenbachplatz in Munich and at the Kurfurstendamm in Berlin are designed as an advent calendar. The doors of the calendar created works by contemporary artists behind specially for the action.

All 24 window are assigned to various partners and will be open daily from a prominent sponsor, the artist and the sponsor in the run-up to Christmas. The German Volunteer Association is Godfather of the ninth calendar window on 9 December at 19:30 from the Actor couple Robert and Angelika Atzorn is revealed. The Nuremberg and Australia-based artist Ernst Redl, who paints landscapes in intense reality, has created the image for that day. Hans Hachinger, Board the German honorary German: Not only volunteering needs support, but also children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. We therefore believe the BMW advent calendar action in favor of SOS Children’s village for a good and meaningful project, we very much support. That contemporary artists find a platform, like us very well.” Rosemarie Nohbauer


Training as make-up expert administrator – Visagist/in customer service, creativity, empathy, sales of professional and high-quality makeup products, also type meets to advise / transform are among the main tasks of this profession. People for special occasions styling for film, theatre, appearances, photo shoots, but also for General occasions such as weddings and celebrations. Still no prior knowledge in the field of decorative cosmetics could gesammeln be, is this distance learning on these people. The subjects are divided into five areas of learning: theory of practice of make-up Dermatology chemical / cosmetic colour and style consultation with professional and economic studies graduating to the / m makeup expert / man – Visagist/in can be started at any time. After completion of the learning units, a written final examination is carried out by the Organizer. In addition to teaching materials, no additional tools are required for the successful completion of. The individual units of courses receive comprehensible and detailed explanations.

Periods of personal attendance or practical seminars are composed as follows: a 2-day seminar in Visagismus foundations, a 3-day seminar in make-up artist extension and a 2-day seminar in colour and style advice. The cost of these seminars are included in the overall price of the distance course. All three courses are a prerequisite for participation in the practical final exam. The theoretical exam can be completed immediately following the seminars. Individual seminars can be completed during the distance learning. Constant is the data of the seminars delivered while participating in distance learning. After the make-up artists study is an independent work possible, here are just a few examples: working in own make-up Studio, working in the own beauty Institute, working as a freelancer (Freelancer) for the makeup in the area of personal styling, Bridal, evening, Gala, stage makeup, etc. Activities as employed make-up specialist, among others: on television, in theatres, in Opera and musical houses, in the beauty salon, at the hairdresser, in the wellness area of a hotel, etc. To an activity without taking another internship in the makeup industry, help our training.