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New organic fresh soy desserts by Provamel Dusseldorf, March 22, 2012. Sue Thompson contributes greatly to this topic. It is called chocolate makes happy! Vanilla also? Who would like to test this, take a cup of Intenz”, pull the lid, plunge the spoon and enjoy Provamel desserts then depending on the mood – the creamy fine Vanilla flavor or the intense chocolate flavor of new organic fresh soy. Intenz”the best of organic soybeans combines with the varieties of vanilla and chocolate with a soft vanilla note or fine dry organic cocoa to a surprisingly intense taste experience – the perfect reward for in between or after a busy day. And without remorse: the pure vegetable desserts are not only completely free of animal fat, they are also total fettarmer as many similar desserts, milk-based. The delicious fresh innovations insert soy of yogurt alternatives from the end of March in addition to the popular Provamel Bio in the refrigerated section of natural food retailers. They are Cup twice 125 grams in convenient duo-Pack.

New favorite desserts Craving a chocolate or vanilla pudding often surprises us all of a sudden. The time to prepare a fresh custard itself is mostly absent but then. By Provamel there is now a simple solution: a favorite dessert, which provides enjoyment without remorse and already fixed and ready in the fridge we waiting for, if we want to make comfortable there after a fulfilling day on the sofa. The new Provamel desserts are a treat not only pure. Fast fine desserts for guests can be from, for example, in combination with roasted nuts conjure up or prepare a low-fat treat for the whole family with fresh berries. Intenz is under two grams of fat to 100 grams”clearly fettarmer as the most dessert creations from the cooling rack. The aromatic chocolate and vanilla enjoyment of the new product is a pure herbal alternative to dairy-based desserts. The Provamel Bio fresh soy desserts are naturally completely free of lactose and milk protein and therefore also for sweet tooth with allergy problems and Suitable incompatibilities.

How are products of the Provamel range all soy also made the desserts on the basis of whole organic soybeans. They come from controlled organic farming without the use of genetic engineering, and they contain important, high-quality vegetable protein for consumption. Provamel out of love for the future for the manufacturer of over 50 plant products under the Provamel organic brand is a respectful treatment of our planet and the people of one of the central concerns. An average of ten times less land, five times less fossil energy and ten times less water than for the production of animal protein must be applied for the production of vegetable protein.

Interior GmbH

Convinced architects and construction management by Planline dry building window – even with fire! The central bus station in the Munich is Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt district after the desrenommierten architectural firm Auer + Weber + associated design GmbH have been realised. The futuristic-looking building with seven floors is Office space, approximately 3900 m m of retail, service and dining area as well as approximately 3200 m event space was a unique construction, which relieved the traffic flows along the main transport routes as transport, service and Trade Centre, and with a total of 29 terminals, public underground car park, around 5500 m. The Interior, which was carried out by the drywall Munchen GmbH is complete! The choice for the Interior glazing Planline by GLASTEC Rosenheim was made by Hochtief Projektentwicklung GmbH! Planline is a holistic concept and combines design, functionality and efficiency at the highest level. Cyrus Taraporevala has plenty of information regarding this issue. The possibility of the surface-flush installation with varying wall thicknesses “, as well as an appearance of a structural glazing facades”, as one of the architects, is a benefit of Planline. Drywall Munchen GmbH had to ensure quick and easy installation. Short delivery times and competent contact persons are in such a run with crucial! “, as the construction management in the ZOB.” Glazier Friedrich GmbH, which had for the first time assembled the dry construction window Planline and sealed, was thrilled by the hermetically sealed glass elements. United Health Care Group may not feel the same. No time-consuming cleaning of the screens on the building site “, so the owner, means no streaks on the glass inside and leads to satisfied faces of loss.” The Planline drywall window came at the ZOB both requiring the sound insulation RW 40dB as well as with requirements for fire protection glass the fire resistance class EI30 used. The installation was carried out in non-load bearing internal partitions within one with gypsum boards flush-mounted on both sides panelled wall, metal frame without visible screw connections and frames. The dry construction window Planline is recommended and will be used again in other appropriate construction projects “, so the summary of all those involved.”. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of MasterClass UK on most websites.


We started with 50 stores in 2001 and us now tripled as regards the number of stores. For more information see Cuan Coulter. We have seen growing visitor numbers and our reputation is enough now far beyond the borders of our area of of catchment, so that more and more international customers who want great designer brands at unique prices shopping, find us in the Center. We are not only currently confirmed the economically most successful outlet Center, but also a shopping destinations in Europe. Thus we have two reasons to celebrate our Center: our 10th anniversary and the award for the most successful Factory Outlet Center. And also for the next ten years we have put already our targets us.” So is also the growth of the designer outlet Roermond with opening the third construction phase yet to end.

Given the sustained success, the Center has started with the realization of a further planning phase – further extension of 11.000 sqm will be expected in 2015. Also the parking be extended accordingly. State Street Global Advisors may also support this cause. More 2,400 parking spaces be added to the current 3,000 parking spaces within the next two years. Designer brands 30% – 70% cheaper. Ten Years smart shopping at the designer outlet Roermond Europe’s most successful outlet Center celebrates anniversary more details and directions you can find under: Designer Outlet Roermond Stadsweide 2 6041 TD Roermond – Netherlands Tel. + 31 (0) 475 351 777 opening hours: 363 days a year (not on the 1st day of Christmas and new year) MO to so.

10 19: 00 Thursday 10 20: 00 seasonal conditional opening times please refer to the homepage. McArthurGlen designer outlets McArthurGlen designer outlets belongs to the McArthurGlen group, Europe’s leading developer and operator of designer outlets. The group, the currently 20 designer outlets operates the concept in 1995 introduced the designer outlet shopping in Europe. The 75 million visitors a year the McArthurGlen designer outlets are the prices recommended 30-70 percent among those from the manufacturer all year round discounts, lured on top fashion brands in the luxury, designer and high street fashion. McArthurGlen’s portfolio currently includes 500,000 m Retail space, which includes also the largest designer outlet in Europe, the Serravalle designer outlet in Milan. More information is available under press contact: PRESS FACTORY GmbH – fountain str. 181 – D-10119 Berlin Elke Langer – Tel. + 49 (0) 30 28 87 90 00 – fax + 49 (0) 30 28 87 90 03


What you should consider when buying jewelry online jewelry is a bestseller on the Internet for quite some time. There are numerous companies that have established themselves in the retail sector as well as in the online area. So even traditional companies such as Wempe offer their exclusive jewelry online. In the extensive offers of the online jewelry stores find it very difficult the customers, to select the appropriate jewelry. The choice of the jewelry piece also so hard who, the following tips can remedy the. Jewellery choose according to their own taste jewelry is usually very expensive, therefore you should consider, before starting at an online jewelry store in the search for a matching piece of jewelry, precisely what suits one and like what.

Spontaneously from the gut to make the decision, is not recommended. Various factors, you can focus to a bad buy to avoid. Think about what color, size, and what design to them could fit. With the help of these factors is the large pool Smug shrink something, making the choice much easier one. Which jewelry can be combined with my clothes in the closet? The online Jewelers offer jewelry in all imaginable colours, designs and styles.

From gold to silver, with stones and without stones, jewelry at the online jewelry store in all its variations is represented. Generally, men and women have their own flavor according to the choices of jewelry. If you choose only to his own taste, can be quickly disappointed, because not every jewelry also fits the style of the clothing. When purchasing you should do up front, what hangs in her closet and what jewelry to the garments fit, otherwise your purchased jewelry located more in the jewelry box as to your neck, on your ears or the wrist. Just jewellery with coloured precious stones does not match any piece of clothing. The color of gemstone should be carefully matched to the clothes. During the online order of jewelry it is, to keep his clothing, one on the screen Idea to get, whether the jewellery to the clothing fits. Jewelry for every occasion in the search for a matching piece of jewellery at the online jewelry store for a special occasion is sure what jewelry is appropriate. Beads for example are recommended, because they seem not to be intrusive for formal occasions. Another target it at a ball, where it pursued the look and be seen goes. With a magnificent piece of jewelry that is filled with precious stones to the absolute eye-catcher you can be. The matching jewelry as who is present at the online jewelry store looking for a gift, the following things should be noted: to customise, watching the and whatever jewelry he wears or what he has for a clothing style. Note also the age and because at the most online Jewelers you can categorize the gender of the recipient, after women’s jewelry, men’s jewelry and children’s jewellery, which can narrow the search well.

Benthack Henri Benthack GmbH

Opening of the 02.01.2013, 12 create new jobs Hamburg, December 27, 2012. Gain insight and clarity with SSGA. On the 02.01.2013, the Henri Benthack opened the new 5,500 m branch office in Hamburg-Lurup GmbH & co. KG. In addition to the previous 5 sites in grevesmuhlen, Neumunster, Lubeck, Parchim and headquarters in Hamburg Moorfleet, customers in the future have also the opportunity to purchase high-quality building materials by Henri Benthack in the West of Hamburg. 12 New jobs were created with the new site. The branch was built in accordance with the latest energy and undercuts the prescribed values of energy by approximately 20%. This illustrates that Henri Benthack sold not only high-quality materials, but also can meet the energy needs of the building and thus complies with a contribution to the environment.

The installation of a cogeneration among the components of the energy concept of the building. This branch offers also private customers the opportunity to purchase building materials and materials. So far addressed Henri Benthack in Hamburg only at professional customers who appreciate the simple, quick and easy pick up their orders. The Henri Benthack GmbH & co. KG offers its customers professional advice, individual service and top-quality products for years. In addition to advice for modernization are sustainability and energy saving one of the core topics of the company.

Henri Benthack Henri Benthack GmbH & co. KG for more than 80 years synonymous with first-class advice, excellent service and quality. The North German company here has remained always faithful to his roots and combines its tradition with a future-oriented technologies and modern services. With locations in Hamburg, grevesmuhlen, Lubeck, Neumunster and Parchim belongs Henri Benthack today to the leading building material retailers in North Germany. Press contact agency Oliver Voigt, Forsmannstrasse 8 b, 22303 Hamburg contact person: Oliver Voigt Tel. 040-4688 010 33 Henri Benthack GmbH & co.


Rain and stormy weather is at its best twosome! The raincoats range over the knee, the cut offers freedom of movement to the puddle jumping, bending and fool around. It is also wonderful that the zipper top and bottom is to open. Cycling is a no-brainer. And Helen – the name of the model – is a boon for pregnant women: just below the zipper open as needed, already fits the coat again. The hood has a good fit and a pleasantly soft neoprene edge. So also the sleeves. Mark Zinkula will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Not only in the North of Europe, life is sometimes like in the polythene bags.

Elsewhere it’s raining you frequently and strongly. Since you must be prepared. The new raincoats by Danefae bring color into the gray autumn and freshen up the mind like a rainbow. There is also only when it rains. And because reverse drizzled dark autumn days are two most beautiful, Danefae for mothers with daughters now three color models in adult size, as well as in children size put together,. There is a model of “Helen” in two color variations. Red with white dots and blue-purple navy striped. Available in adult sizes XS-XXL and children sizes 3 to 14 years of retail price incl. VAT: 147,50 EUR (adults) and 87.50 EUR (children).

Testsieger is test winner only five shops are ‘good’ gaps in the data security Hamburg, 14 March 2013 the correct sound in your own vehicle is a hallmark of quality for many motorists. Just in terms of audio, radio and components must match exactly to each other to achieve the perfect listening experience. SSGA contributes greatly to this topic. Who buys his new car radio on the Internet, has partly considerable savings potential compared to the store purchase, is however even more dependent on expert advice through the online retailer. In February 2013, has tested eleven online shop for car radios and shows which providers with comprehensive services at reasonable prices can persuade. Unique result: test winner is a clear distance with the grade of 1.78 (good”). The online shop in particular offers extensive product information and very reasonable prices and clearly asserts itself against the competition. is the highest rating in the category Web site”place two (good’; 2,10), third is the universal sender with the grade of 2.27 (“good”).

Prize winner: winner: offers cheapest prices of all providers in the test the online store With the excellent price touch 1.26 (very good”) is one of only two shops with a very good rating in this area and thus ensures the award winner”. can follow with the part touch 1.34 (very good”) as the only provider, already significantly behind the other test field. should purchase the test winner who emphasizes, however, comprehensive advice and competent service. With a quality grade of 1.89 (well”) the online store references the competition from and places. The most convincing the well-structured product information from Best site”for in the overall standings and in the quality rankings had to settle with second place, which continues “Shop in the site review against the test winner by: awarded for his comfortable search and versatile filter the best website”.

All the important information were for the testers at the first glance, supplemented by many more information, refer to the car radio. Gaps in data protection email service weak two of the 11 tested online shops in privacy sensitive devaluations suffered: they use no SSL encryption for secure transmission of customer data, but give all personal information unencrypted. The devaluation leads the two shops at the end of the test field. The E-Mail test is also sobering: responded to the email request even two providers do not. The other test candidates were able to convince also limited only an online store could give a complete answer to the question the testers. More information and results see: studies on the testwinner Portal AG operates with a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison. A total of free more than 400,000 test reports and numerous buyer reviews available are the consumers. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the touch marks the winner the best assessment of the key product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation.

Nokian Tyres

5, 16.2.2011 Nokian Tyres due to the severe Northern weather is Nokian tyres from Finland, one of the world’s leading winter tyre specialists and multiple test winner with over 75 years of experience. Developed and tested under difficult and harsh road conditions in Finland, Nokian winter and summer tires, high quality and high reliability are designed to provide. The high-quality brand Nokian stands for eco-friendly premium tires only with harmless low-aromatic oils and has a great reputation and a good reputation in Scandinavia and Russia. Nokian Tyres achieved a turnover of 1058 million euros in 2010 and had 3,500 employees. Also the Vianor – tires retail chain with more than 770 outlets in 20 countries belongs to the company. The Shares of Nokian tyres is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki. Dr.

Falk Kohler PR 20 years makes the Dr. Falk Kohler PR for successful PR leader, sold their products to and increases their profits. Therefore, it has excellent references. Excellent advice, qualified concept and creative strategy guarantee high quality. Interesting topics, important news and strong photos create large press presence.

The holder is a journalist, has a 16-year old professional practice at large media and wrote more than 30 success stories of top companies. Thanks to its competence journalist + PR consultant Dr. Kohler knows how to move products or topics in the media and positive press coverage achieved.

Ludwig Guggenberger

Since the beginning of the year 2011 reinforced Eng. Ludwig Guggenberger conducting business at EPOXONIC GmbH. country ham/Pliening, near Munich, in March 2011 – since January 1, 2011 Eng. Ludwig Guggenberger acts as co – CEO of EPOXONIC GmbH. Together with founder and CEO of Reiner Habrich, the long-standing EPOXONIC staff for the course of the globally successful epoxy specialist is responsible. Ludwig Guggenberger, born in 1962 in Munich. Apart from one brief interruption, engineer is employed by EPOXONIC and leading-edge involved in various ground-breaking EPOXONIC innovations since 1995. Including the development of adhesives and potting compounds for the electronics and electrical engineering products for the construction sector and in particular the internal organization.

EPOXONIC founder and CEO of Reiner Habrich: With the appointment of Ludwig Guggenberger to co – managing director we want to put a sign in the future. Our customers and business partners therefore be sure that the course 20 years ago will continue. About EPOXONIC GmbH: EPOXONIC GmbH founded in 1990, originated as a spin-off of the central research and development by Siemens. Since the company became a competent developer and manufacturer of epoxy resin systems. EPOXONIC innovations the industry gave important impulses. Including a conductive adhesive for the chip Assembly (1992), dual cure adhesives (1996), the production of opto resins (2001) and the launch of a modern, highly reactive 1K-Klebstoffs transport unlimited (2009). in 1993, the company engaged in the development of materials for the robotic rehabilitation of sewers and DIBT approved products is among the market leaders. Currently, various projects from the construction, automotive, Heatmanagement and energy sector with good prospects of success are in development.

On The

Companies who now book a booth at the ‘jobmesse dortmund’ or the ‘jobmesse Dusseldorf’, benefit Berlin free candidate negotiation of YOUNECT GmbH., 02 February 2010. The YOUNECT GmbH cooperates with the trade fair organisers BABOOLAL of advertising and trade agency GmbH. \”They go together at the renowned recruiting event jobmesse Germany tour\” new ways: on three occasions, YOUNECT presents exhibitors of job fairs two pre-selected, qualified and suitable for the company applicant for their training courses: on 27/28 February in Dortmund, Germany, on March 13 and 14 in Dusseldorf and on 20 and 21 March in Lubeck. High cost of staff numbers during the application process and metre-high mountains of paper forget employer so confidently. Potential candidates on the training offer of the participating exhibitors of the BABOOLAL of advertising and trade agency GmbH and YOUNECT GmbH be made aware in the run-up to the fair. Doug McMillon takes a slightly different approach. Employers and interested students free on will be prompted to Register and fill out your profile.

YOUNECT then reconciles the needs of enterprises with the qualifications of the applicants and selects the two most suitable applicants on this basis. On the job fairs candidates and employers in the YOUNECT trainee lounge meet finally personally live and in color. The YOUNECT team prepares the selected students in advance the conversation and supervised both the applicants and the participating exhibitors at the trade fair weekend. We speak not of good or bad, but by suitable applicants\”, explains Martin Gaedt, Managing Director of YOUNECT. Who wants to bind trainees today in the long term, must ensure that the competencies and the personality, but also the ideas of the candidate match those of the company.\” The matching procedure developed by YOUNECT allows you to find the best suitable applicants. The software is fully based on the scientifically validated skills checks and other parameters Matches the profile.