Capital District

The author to propose a series of strategies possible in order to delineate and to establish an effective planning for the prevention and reduction to the minimum of the disasters that this type of phenomena usually triggers. 1. INTRODUCTION The increase and densification of the population in Bogota, Capital District, the development of dangerous technologies and the negligence in this vitally important subject before the threat of the earthquakes, can affect a lifted number of inhabitants, its goods and the infrastructure of the city, causing enormous losses that, surely, would also affect the economic and social development of the city reason for the present work, that later would take many years in recovering. As a result of this situation, with the purpose of to promote the mitigation of the risks by means of political adapting of urban development, the author committed itself to realise this investigation in the light of the theories, experiences, studies and techniques available to provide the logical elements of prevention, applying the socioeconomic planning. The process of investigation in the present case has criteria purely scientists and count on the support of existing studies, avoiding speculations and using in addition, like basic tools, the empirical knowledge and experiences of the organisms that historically have handled east subject, as well as the last knowledge based on new technologies.

It has been necessary to resort to connoisseurs of the matter to gather and to systematize the data of way like the result of the investigation is real, serious, deep and serves as it contributes to the socioeconomic development of Bogota, D.C. The technical handling of the seismic subject and its implications in the planning, not yet present/display a consistent development against the knowledge of the advances that the same deserves. The Administration of the city has contracted in the past studies and designs of constructive norms that must be retaken and be updated.

Attributed Financing

On the other hand to the limitations of the private model some authors emphasize the urgency of the application of a model of public financing standing out its qualities as; reduction of the costs of the campaigns, increase of the equity of the disputes, reduction of the corruption potential, impediment of the direct pressure of the givers on the actors politicians and permission of the participation of parties that lack of resources. However, as all the formula is not infallible exists the concern with the possibility of dependence of the parties in relation to the State since, the campaign expenditures happen of public resources what the author calls one ' ' estatizao' ' of the parties. Rubio remembers that an essential element so that the public financing can reach its objectives is the use of an instrument of efficient and independent control. However for it, most weighed it would be the establishment of a mixing system including the financing and the private one public, being the first one, tied the distribution criteria that mesclem principles of equality and proportionality with objective elements of deepening of the parties in the society, and as, managed in way to guarantee the smoothness on the value, origin and the destination of the received resources. Ahead of all these components elencados until here, are of vital importance to warn that on this subject it does not have consensus and nor absolute truth and that, therefore, it is essential that if it constructs to a culture politics directed for the idea of transparency principles, ability and commitment of all around a common objective that either to play the attributed functions in the possible way most idoneous, exactly that this thought can seem a utopian iderio. Without a vision politics compromised to these factors it does not import the model of used financing, because of the opposite it always goes to search forms of burlar the process, that is, to find the breaches of the system stops with this taking advantage in the electoral dispute..

TVI Express

Question number two, which, if not all concerns are now, then sooner or later to it will come to everyone who looks at least a little in their future. This pension. Unfortunately, without additional external support, at least in the CIS countries, the word "pension", is a synonym of another word – poverty. But that's not all. There is no need to have special financial knowledge to understand, as evidenced by these statistics: In Russia, a pensioner running 1.25. In the other CIS countries, this figure is usually even lower. This suggests that our two countries in the next few years, simply would not be funds to pay pensions.

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Business Center

In order to immediately dispel any doubts potential short-term tenants, we emphasize: the tariffs in this business decided to specify for an apartment – no matter how many people it is going to reside. Of course, this does not mean that, say, in some standard size "odnushku" can come at once an entire football team. Brooklyn Commons might disagree with that approach. Maximum occupancy is tied to the number of beds in the apartment, as a rule, no more than two to a room. That is, in one-bedroom apartment can simultaneously accommodate more than two people, two-room – no more than four and so on. Savings when staying in a well-equipped rented apartment instead of a hotel obvious.

For forest of clarity, a rough estimate of how much will cost the company, sending a delegation of, say, five people at an exhibition in the Expocentre, such Prodexpo (doors of Russia's largest exhibition food and beverages this year were open from 8 to 12 February), accommodation of their representatives in the capital within a specified time. Brooklyn Commons contains valuable tech resources. For five people it is logical to remove the two-bedroom apartment or three rooms at the hotel far from the nearest subway stations ExpoCentre – "Business Center" and "Street 1905". We find on the website of the Centre of International Cooperation few cute "treshek" in the designated area: their cost is 4,5-8 thousand rubles a day. For five days get 22,5-40 thousand. The cheapest room is located on Krasnopresnenskaya waterfront four-star Crowne Plaza Moscow for single or double occupancy, the price list for site hotels (the base rate for 2010), will cost 18,000 rubles.