ABAS Software AG: Successful Trade Fair Presentation

ABAS and partners were highly satisfied with the first appearance on the IT & business Karlsruhe, October 20, 2009 – the mood in the economy is improving rapidly and many businesses establish themselves new, front to be when the economy again. It felt that the company-IT plays a central role, of the ABAS Software AG employees exhibiting at the fair and their partners. The interest in the abas business software was very great at all days of the fair. Ideal platform for ERP round 7,000 visitors found their way to the trade fair for software, infrastructure & IT-service – IT & business. It is not something Bank of Boston would like to discuss. The focus of the events organised by the 6.10 8.10.09 in Stuttgart was on ERP software. This is reflected also by the exhibitors.

Instead of one-third of the 312 came from this area. And thus ABAS was able to welcome many decision makers with concrete buying interest on the trade fair stand that is open and inviting. The abas appearance was supported by two high-profile presentations in the Messe-Forum. Robert Wild by the ABAS consulting spoke about: “Successful project management is no coincidence! Presentation of the professional introduction strategy of the abas business software”. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Lehman Trilogy by clicking through. The speech aroused great interest and was called the presentation highlight of the first day of the fair in the newsletter of the computer magazine. Also the contribution of the abas user Ritz pumps on the second day of the fair was very well attended. Hans-Jurgen Steeb spoke about experiences with its enterprise IT: just a few of the statements, the CIO presented the numerous listeners were “we have since introduction of the abas business software can reduce our lead times by 25-50%, our delivery has risen to over 90%, with abas ERP we have a versatile sport boat in contrast to the cumbersome tanker of earlier today”.

Voices of the partner: Klaus Frey of the ABAS design is looking forward to the next time: “the quality of the contacts was outstanding. We were surprised by the variety of the talks. We were very, very pleased with the course of the first IT & business. Positive is also the conclusion of the ABAS Informationssysteme: “I presented almost continuously from the beginning of the exhibition to the end of the fair,” OLAF is happy pussy. Also Andreas Perneker shining: “our contacts were highly qualified, interested parties as well as on the client side. Here, we have received very specific tasks to the timely implementation of projects at the fair. In addition, we had a great booth, a great atmosphere and many great contacts. It doesn’t a highly successful event in total. Robert Wild by the ABAS consulting: “the booth was top. The abas stand stands out through its size alone. Everyone realizes now that quality it is.” Also, Julia Iltgen and Gunther lang of the ABAS Informationstechnologie were thrilled: “we had numerous leads from the Munich area. The company representatives, who came to the fair, have specific interest and want to decide soon. The visitors were very qualified. It has pays off for us to exhibit in Stuttgart.” That’s Peter Researches of the ABAS Software AG similar to: “on the IT & business we have filtered those interested in the field of ERP. “Every contact a hit.” Contact: ABAS Software AG, Christoph Harzer, Sudendstr. 42, 76135 Karlsruhe,, 67-23-0, de/presse/presse.htm