Against Summer Fatigue

This summer is to make some people very with the fluctuations of the temperature and the frequent alternation of sunshine and rain. This manifests itself in headaches, fatigue, and circulatory problems. How you can give the cold shoulder to the vagaries of the weather, read here. You’d think after the winter time with its short days is over, we have survived the spring with rain, snow and sunshine in the constant change and arrived finally in the summer, the load on the body would finally have an end. But no, the summer this year as keep, as even the spring has shown. A constant up and down between the rain, Sun, heat and cold again. Wonder when our organism is tired here and there and given us headaches, permanent fatigue and cardiovascular problems? Blame the exhaustion is mostly to lack of sleep causes for the complaints. Because the days are now longer, many are actually quite logical People awake longer, to take advantage of the leisure in the evening.

Again, you stand up in anyway around the same time every morning. Even if that’s only two to three hours, these hours are missing the body to regenerate. Also the sultry weather lets us fall asleep often poorly and the heat ensures that the bedroom is anything but restful. As a result, we feel during the day as exhausted and the ability to concentrate is often desired. Add headaches can come, that caused by the ever-changing weather, everyday strong can restrict himself. And the cycle would not really come in swing, the major differences between hot and cold temperatures for the entire organism are too strenuous. What do complaints due to extreme weather fluctuations? Although it of course is sometimes hard, because it rains again continuously for hours, but you venture out into the fresh air! The oxygen in the fresh air can help with headaches. Also encourages the movement which again stimulates blood circulation, which can relieve not only headaches and migraines, but also as the circulation and fighting against fatigue of summer.

Headaches, also cool compresses can relieve the pain. But even peppermint oil or Tiger Balm from the pharmacy on the temples can be effective against the pain. If you feel weak and tired, can reenergise with a warm meat or vegetable broth. Also very much should be drunk in the summer, at best, at least two to three liters. Nuts, berries, and mushrooms are also good support for the organism. This required extreme weather changing much of the trace element chromium for the circuit, which is contained in these foods in larger quantities. And just when high temperature differences, you should look to a balanced and vitamin-rich diet. Because running air conditioners, in contrast, high temperatures outdoors, or but rain and wind right in the aftermath of the most beautiful Sunshine make us susceptible to viruses and quickly she’s there, the summer flu. Lots of fruits and vegetables with many vitamins support the immune system and help the body’s defense against viruses and bacteria. Health information, as well as the Advisor see.