Also Kizhi

In Vartsila, you can reach the Russian border, and it is important to think of the visa in a timely manner, because the control is very strict. You can travel from Petersburg fell start, Karelia borders with the area. And then it comes to Sortavala, a small and interesting city. Here there is a port, you can continue so the trip with the ferry. It is worth to spend a few days here.

Karelia worth at any time of the year to visit also Valaam. This island is owned by the Russian Orthodox Church and the churches, monastic buildings and the Cathedral have been restored recently. Drive of St. Petersburg from cruise ships there and during the day, quite a few tourist groups populate the island. At night, it’s very quiet there, so that you can stay in a tent. For assistance, try visiting Outlook Email. Many mosquitoes are the only guests, which you will need. Also Kizhi is a beautiful island, here you can admire the Karelian farmhouses, barns and mills. By the same author: Paul R. Cascio. Also the famous wooden church is located here: the silver shiny onion domes form the real Meisterwerkr, so that’s hard to believe that the people there were able to build.

Kizhi is also a popular holiday island. The landscape of Karelia is known for its mushrooms and berries. Locals sell it directly on the streets, so that man there not starved. The beauty of nature, rich cultural diversity and the hospitality of the people are the best reasons for an adventure vacation in Karelia. In the summer, Jeep tours are offered by pristine forests, kayak and rafting on the beautiful rivers and the dearest holiday employment of Russian fishing. In the winter, there are countless opportunities for snow safaris rides through the endless snowy landscapes. The traditional karelianishe cuisine offers many hearty meat dishes. It is eaten here lots of bread and potatoes. Many dishes are based on Quark, cream and other milk products. Always make many farmers still own kefir, butter and cheese. Fish is also on the table, cooked, fried, smoked and dried. Mountain Park Ruskella mountains Park Ruskella is the only Park in the mountains, formed after the glacier. This is the unique monument of a complex nature and history of the mining industry in Russia and Finland and is located in South Karelia. This area was always populated, since 10 t years. The Pearl of this park is Mramornyj Konion (marble Canyon). This is an oldest opene pit filled with natural water for extraction of marble. This marble is almost 2 billion years old. Canyon, surrounded by walls of marble, is impressive at any time of the year. Snow and marble complement each other in the winter, and the Lake looks like a mirror. In the summer, you can enjoy the view of trees, flowers and pine trees. A large bowl from the Canyon, filled with clear water, shines its pure original serenity. This monument is not only the nature and history. The monument of human work and endurance, which again and again impressed the visitors. Good travel wishes the!