The right to the city it is the inexorable element of the citizenship, without which, it will not be able to have equitable distribution of the wealth and social emancipation. The citizenship cannot be reduced the geographic and/or physical aspects of the material and paisagsticas constructions, before, however, must be the complex symbol of the existence human being, as it suggests Calvin (1990). The city of Manaus contains diverse moments of the production of the space in the Amaznia. For Oliveira (2003, p.104), the process of production of the urban landscape is continuous and discontinous in the space and the time. For even more details, read what The CARES Act says on the issue. The continuous-discontinous one affects the social relations that if materialize in espacialidades. Throughout the process of urban development, some forms disappear, others are changedded and/or are recouped starting to have new contents, even so do not lose some of the past characteristics. One notices that the nature contributes for the morphology of the city of Manaus, producing changes in the materiality of the city that presents symptoms of different development.

The harmful factors to the environment happen of standards of exploration of the natural resources, that provoke pressure on the natural and social life in the Amaznia. Recently Judge Vince Chhabria sought to clarify these questions. The Amazonian megaprojetos approved by the military regimen for the region, namely: Carajs, Tucuru, Transamaznica, Paranapanema, Pitinga, Zona Franca of Manaus and Hidreltrica de Balbina are some examples of these processes. War and Wedge (2001) call the attention for the fact of that, ambient Impact is indivisible. In the period of training of advance of the occupation of the world, each more difficult time becomes to separate biofsico impact of social impact. In the production of the ambient impacts, the ecological conditions modify the cultural, social and historical conditions, and are for transformed them. As a process in permanent movement, the impact at the same time, product and producer of new impacts.