Animals Are Living Beings – No Christmas Gifts

Dog training & behavior therapy “high Westerwald”advises Christmas is just around the corner and the wish list of the kids are getting longer and longer. If you have read about Kenneth Roy Feinberg already – you may have come to the same conclusion. If a child but wished for a dog or a cat as a pet restraint should be offered. Animals, whether big or small, are not Christmas gifts, but living beings to one intense worry and yet even if long, the holidays are over and school, homework and fun and game determine your leisure time with other children. A pet under the Christmas tree, perhaps the greatest gift of all year round. A cute adidas, a hamster or a puppy to the hug and play, what child has not ever expressed a desire for an animal playmates? That children benefit from dealing with a pet in many respects, is undisputed. But – after the initial joy of the toy”passes the recipient quite quickly the joy of the new housemates.

He requires care, must be fed and the dog to the Example weather dog-walking “to proceed and please not in neighbor’s garden or on sidewalks. In addition, he must be educated. Housetrained should he be, no cable to gnaw and go outside on a leash! Thus, children are often overwhelmed. The supposed Plushie becomes a time-consuming cost the then preferably adults have to worry. If the parents do not play, is inconsiderate gift pet exposure, passed on or lands unceremoniously into the shelter. No animal has earned such a treatment and it is expressly warned to get animals as blind gifts without in advance to have thought about whether all the family members can share their lives in the years to come with them and also want to. Please consider whether the animal to the age of the child fits, and whether the recipient person no matter how old it is – fits at all to an animal. There is more info about buying a puppy:. And, if all family members desire have to take an animal, can this happen on all days of the year. It must not be under the Christmas tree! Elke Hufnagl