Aotearoa Between NAAB Valley And Bohemian Of The Upper Palatine Forest

Ora et labora days breath Waldsassen (tvo) in the monastery of Waldsassen. The strength lies in the rest. But also in the work: as already Benedict of Nursia, founder of the Benedictine order, knew, a truly balanced spirit of harmony of physical and mental activity and the balance of effort and relaxation begins. In the cultural and meeting centre Waldsassen in Bavaria, the principle of the Benedictine becomes the guiding principle of provision for women. From June until September 2010, you can spend days, weekends or whole weeks in Cistercian Abbey and use the spiritual place to pick up breathing and to find. As Abbess Laetitia assures, is open to the monastery gate of all interested parties.

The women have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the never-ending wave of the monastery everyday and know what it means, if the work is sanctified by prayer. In the monastic community of use in the monastery garden each visitor can make their own experiences with the faith and find out what Value gives her life. Prices for the Ora et labora-day”learn interested parties upon request.