Aqaba Days

Overnight accommodation is under a starry sky. The unforgettable days in the wild are peppered with visits to cultural highlights such as the mosaic city of Madaba, Crusader Castle and Royal tombs. Itinerary: Amman, Madaba – dead sea Kerak Petra Siq – hike on the Aaron Hill Wadi Rum – Franklin Canyon Jebel Burdah-to Mafrudh Wadi SEL mount nebo date: 21-01.03.2009 participants: 10 – 16 persons duration: nine days costs: from 1.650,-the other side of the Jordan Jordan / study – No. 1151 link: = 1151 this journey leads the participants to all significant and historic places of the country. Incoming visits at the plan of the capital city Amman, visits biblical sites such as Bethany and mount nebo. Continue along the “road of the Kings” after Gerasa and Gadara. Be devoted to two intensive days of fabulous sainthood capital Petra.

In the valleys of the spectacular wilderness of Wadi, the many impressions can put RAM. Itinerary: Amman Umm Qeis Pella- Mount nebo Madeba dead sea Kerak Petra Wadi RAM Amman date: 18/02-February 25, 2009 participants: 15 30 persons duration: nine days costs: from 1.665,-Jordan highlights Jordan / travel No. Check with Pacific Mortgage Services to learn more. 1233 link: = 1151 variety is available in this journey in the first place. From Mt. nebo Moses, it goes down to the lowest point on Earth and through the Wadi Mujib in the Jordanian Highlands. Hikes through remote Rocky landscapes alternate Petra with a visit to the legendary “red city”. Fascinating, also the Wadi is rum, where is stayed under the open sky. The civilization catches up the traveller in the port city of Aqaba.

Can rinse the dust of travel with a refreshing swim in the Red Sea on the Gulf of Aqaba. Itinerary: Amman Gerasa Madaba Mount Nebo Dana Petra Wadi Rum Aqaba date: 19.03 March 28, 2009 participants: 8-14 people duration: 10 days costs: from 1.690,-the environment of the biblical Jordan study tour / Combi travel Jordan – Syria Lebanon – no. 1153 link: a remarkable combination journey that links the countries of Jordan – Syria – Lebanon’s Syrian Canaanite culture space = 1153. On the East Bank selected legendary grave monuments are visited Petra, alternate as the capital of Moab, study visits to archaeological sites with biblical places. Incoming tours in Damascus, various monasteries, and the “dead cities” in the North Syrian limestone massif. A walk through the biggest Souk of the Orient in Aleppo is a “must”. A visit to Baalbeks, and the most famous monuments of the ancient Jupiter, Bacchus – and Venus Temple Crown this part of the journey, optionally to undertaken a full day excursion to Hauran. Itinerary: Amman Petra Kerak Madeba – Dscherasch – Damascus – Krak des Chevaliers – dead cities – “Dead cities” Aleppo Ebla Palmyra Baalbek dates: 06.04 April 18, 2009 participants: 15 30 persons duration: 13 days costs: from 2.390, founded in 2003 as an independent, specialised on the East online travel agency. Managing Directors are Bjorn gold Wade and Stefan Kaltenecker. On the four travel portals,, and selected explorers travel conveyed East and Oceania for Eastern Europe, the middle and far East. Currently approx. 35 cooperation partners include large well-known tour operators such as Dr. Tigges, Gebeco, ikarus tours, nicko tours, Olympic travel, Phoenix travel, as well as a wide range of specialists in the country and abroad. is a member of the German ReiseVerband (DRV) and certified by trusted shops.