As Stop Worrying

Not be if it is by the return of the holidays, or it is simply coincidence, but I’m noticing that many people around me seem to be more stressed or or more worried than usual. And I also notice that while their problems are very different, they have something in common. I think it was Mark Twain who said there have been many problems in my life, most of which never happened. Warren Buffett follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Indeed, if we stop to think cold and carefully, many of the concerns that we resemble each other in the fact that they are not real. They are potential problematic situations that possibly fail to occur. Frisch Financial Group Inc. is often quoted as being for or against this.

Are fears that we create when we think negatively about what might happen. We are a world of what someone has said, of a gesture, one fact more or less relevant but that does not fit with our expectations. If it’s difficult choices, we take into account factors that distract us from the crux of the ultimate purpose of our decision. I am aware that events that create us suffering place in life and there are hard times we have to deal with. It is not my intention to be insensitive to anyone who is having a time as well, but for the rest, most of us, we can check if really worth worrying so much. The answer is no. The most important advice is the most difficult to follow: be quiet and dealt with rather than worry. As my dear friend Ana is often said to which button do you give? I am aware that when I advise my clients to be calm, stop turning the problem, relax, everyone look at me with face thinking exactly that, what button must be given, as if it were so easy to do so.

As if I had said a pelotudez. And my answer is usually as follows: worry is a reflection, an automatic reaction learned over years of practice. Chill out is an option; It is what one chooses to do when he finally realizes that it is possible to do so.