No doubt that the lack of payment of the certificate will mean a serious problema of the issuing undertaking, reflecting a crisis that posiblemente lead to its liquidation. as a result this incumplimiento determines that to start, without further proceedings, the exchange rate action. X conditions for the banking certificate at a LOCAL Bank in foreign currency is a value issued by the Bank to the carrier upon delivery of cash. Title value in dollars issued by the Bank against delivery of cash. the certificate can be issued to bearer or to the order and has many advantages for you: negotiable in the Peru and abroad. Use it as a means of payment and savings.

Get rates from preferential interest, which are secured until the expiration of the certificate. Capitalized interest on the same certificate or deposit it in an account current, savings or master, to its expiration or cancellation. Buy it and buy it in any of our offices nationwide. Credit facilities to serve as a credit guarantee. REQUIREMENTS submit copy and original of your identity document. Open it with a total minimum of us$ 5,000 do not present problems of payment in our bank or another bank in the financial system. (B) of the certificate Bank in currency national article 223.-Bank certificate of national currency under the same provisions that contains the previous title, the companies of the national financial system authorized to capture fondos of the public, may issue bank certificates of national currency, remain applicable requirements identified for the Bank certificates of foreign currency as soon as appropriate, with the exception that must be expressed and be paid in national currency and its amount should not be less than a thousand nuevos soles.

This certificate has been created by the current title valores Act. It should meet the characteristics and content of the certificado of foreign currency. the provisions applicable to this ultimo are also applicable to him. the difference is given in the currency of the issue which should be national being their minimum amount of thousand nuevos soles. Commercial magazine right informative bibliography. Knight B. set. 2004 No. 550 Beaumont Callirgos, Ricardo and Castelares Aguilar, Rolando. Comment to titles of law values. Edit. Gaceta Juridica. Peru. 2000 Hundskopf, Excebio. Quick Guide of questions and answers. New titles of law values. 300. Key questions and their answers. Edit. Gaceta Juridica. Peru. 2000 Oyarse Cruz, Javier. Customs guarantees. Readings of customs tax. Melquiades Castillo. Monetary and banking – law Second Edition. Figueroa Bustamante, Hernan banking law financial system And monetary and title values. And monetary and title values.