Barack Obama

On the other hand Barack Obama inherited two wars from its predecessor George W. Bush, considered one of the worst Presidents in American history. I am referring to Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama during his election campaign, developed a discourse of pacifist tone, but the deteriorating situation every day in Afghan territory led him to take other measures, specifies the sending of 30,000 troops reinforcement to the Asian country to continue fighting the taliban terrorists. A few days ago, Omar one of 11 children of the leader of the terrorist group Al – Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, told American magazine Rolling Stones with reference to Afghanistan: who don’t think his father need to launch more big attacks to United States. He don’t need to do it.

As soon as the United States went to Afghanistan, his plan worked. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Allianz. He has already won. While in Iraq, Obama has announced the return of troops to starting from August this year and entirely by the end of 2011, something that seems quite difficult seeing as the situation has worsened gradually in its territory. In addition in the fight against terrorism, a new problem arises, Yemen, is called after the attack failed against an American aircraft coming from Europe, the terrorist of Nigerian origin declared having been trained in bases in that country. Also among the key issues unresolved on the international agenda are Iran and North Korea with his threat of nuclear programmes and Pakistan, country an integral Atomic club who suffers serious security problems caused by the terrorimo Islamic and marked its territory as a base for camps in the Afghan Taliban’s Al – Qaeda, due to the vicinity to Afghanistan.

No doubt the success of President Barack Obama in international field is the negotiation of the Treaty of reduction of nuclear weapons with Russia, which is expected to conclude in December. That was one of the promises of campaign of Obama, a world without nuclear weapons. This first year of its mandate, the American President was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, much-discussed on some fronts, but Obama is transformo in the great repository of global hopes to achieve long-awaited dream of humanity. While the first year of the Obama Government has elapsed between light and shadow in interior and foreign policy, another front remains open and I refer again to the Middle East, where the reopening of negotiations for peace looks far from resuming between the State of Israel and the Palestinians. Another slope is that immigration reform be had pledged to move forward, which also probably has had as a direct consequence the loss of credibility among Hispanic migrants, basically. The popularity of the fifty percent that has Obama at the beginning of the second year of its mandate, is the lowest rate that has had an American President in the last fifty years, at the end of its first year of Government. I hope that President Barack Obama in one their moments of solitary reflection in the Oval room of the White House not hesitating between: the! if we can! the Yes campaign can, current. Original author and source of the article.