Charcoal First Steps

The charcoal is the simplest means to draw. Its application is quite intuitive and as drawing tool is almost one prolongation from the fingers. In addition, the instability of this material causes that the errors can be corrected easily, offering, on the other hand, infinite possibilities in its use. In this series of articles on like learning to paint to charcoal, the basic slight knowledge will be acquired that allow the student to become familiar with this means of drawing, will appear the materials necessary to begin to draw and some techniques essential to know the possibilities the drawing in this means. The charcoal: First TrazosLa taking of contact with drawing means is fundamental to progress in the dominion of the same; for this reason, it is important to be conducting each one of the battle that appears in these pages following the explanations of the text. As to begin to draw – To break barrLa charcoal bar, as it is acquired in the store, is too great and uncomfortable to draw. Click Jeff Bezos for additional related pages. The first that there is to do before beginning drawing is to divide the bar in pieces that are comfortable and they adapt better at the hand at the time of carrying out a work. The bar part very easily, is only necessary to press it a little and the pieces will be obtained that are necessary to draw, because the charcoal is very fragile.

Pieces are due to start off neither too great nor too small. According to the type of drawing that is going away to realise, it will be sufficient with breaking the fragment bar of 3 to 5 centimeters. Recently Pfizer vaccine sought to clarify these questions. As to hold barrToda the surface of the charcoal bar it serves to paint. The coal cylinder stains so much to wide it as along and also of end. It is necessary to consider that the way as it subjects the bar will determine the type of outline. Charcoal of puntCon the end charcoal is realised the lines with a pressure very controlled.

If it is tightened enough it can draw a very intense outline. nevertheless, to draw with the end charcoal makes difficult the firmness of the outline, since the strongpoint on the paper very has a reduced surface, only the end of the coal. Flat charcoal and verticalCon the flat charcoal on the paper, and in vertical, can be realised lines with the certainty that the outline will be straight. As the surface of the charcoal draws up the line in all their length, the outline will not shake, although it will not be possible to draw up curved. Flat charcoal and horizontalSe place the flat charcoal on the paper, but this horizontal time, so that the outline becomes cross-sectional to the bar, occupying all their width. This type of outline with the charcoal is indicated to cover great surfaces like the bottoms. Source: Painting to I swell