Cheapest Prepaid Cards

When is what prepaid card at the lowest prepaid compares since 2007 cards on the German market the range of prepaid. A prepaid refers to map in the telecommunications sector a mobile radio card, on which one loads corresponding credits depending on the needs and abtelefoniert. This cost control is given to the one, on the other hand, basic fee, minimum sales and contract accounts for. Quarterly published prepaid mobile now also independent of the current comparison lists on the site the cheapest prepaid tariffs according to different criteria. Talks by the or find no account abroad. Since the last comparison list in September 2009 a lot has happened. For calls to German landlines only, we is mobile, an offer of the WAZ group with 3 cents per minute, now the cheapest offer, followed by express mobile with 5 cents per minute.

For calls to all German mobile phone networks are still maxxim, BigSIM, solomo, igge & ko, sunsim and discotel with 8 cents per minute the cheapest provider. Taken into account so the currently lowest fare in discotel also the loyalty bonus, this is. The discoTEL loyalty bonus is a payout of 0.5 euro-cents for each guided conversation minute and sent SMS to the end of the year. This can be according to the operator’s eteleon in the new year either paid out or vertelefoniert as well. The same applies for calls and SMS to all German networks. On the phone you rarely and will be accessible only for the emergency, then, a cheap prepaid SIM card is more appropriate, since the price per minute then plays the main role. Free there is currently the o2o ticket from o2. Also, there are plenty new provider on internal network calls on its own network.

Talk is the most affordable a.t.u. the prepaid offer by Auto-Teile-Unger with a cent per minute followed by Lokalistenfon the mobile tariff of the friend network the Shams with 2 cents per minute. Will you send primarily SMS to all networks, so prepaid is preferred without the consideration of additional packages VIVA continues with 6 cents per SMS. The mobile phone is becoming more common as Access to the Internet use. A variety of prepaid providers already offer Internet access via UMTS. This is preferred without consideration of temporal actions, remains at SIM card with 1.9 cents per 100 kB. A current overview of the cheapest prepaid tariffs of operators and discounters, the an online degree provide, see our prepaid tariff comparison. Her Torsten Leidloff