Christian Schmidt

I prepared myself well and there is nothing, what currently charged me mentally really. It was known as still quite different at the last indoor record. Makes life a lot since early December correctly gives you fun me Force.” Performance feasible behind team, without Fluhr’s services would not be feasible only in the team performance one of the most notable skiers, which has currently to offer Germany, but far from the associative structures. A 14-Member convoy accompanied the skier in Oberaudorf and Kossen. The team is coming this time from 3 countries (Germany/England / Netherlands) and is managed by Dr. Christian Schmidt, who is a doctor at the hospital in Augsburg in normal life. “Without these people who sacrifice for their holidays and leisure, all I would be pretty naked when the world record rides in the wind. This hardly imaginable for Otto-normal – skier services are feasible only in the team.” Is aware of the 11-fold world record holder in all respects of the importance of his escort.

Comparing Fluhr vs. Otto – normal skiers in a comparison of the benefits of providing Fluhr on skis to an average skiers, is quickly evident how far outside of the normal imagination are the Fluhr’schen world records. A complete ski day (8 hours), the normal tourists creates best 10,000 meters. Fluhr wants to overcome almost six times as much in triple time. During his record drive in Obergurgl in early 2008 the ski Pro on its boards was so long without a break on the road, like a normal ski driver who drives a week in the skiing season in his life of skiers. “But this is nothing particularly, it is my profession, Yes, other people can much better than I.” Is Fluhr finally quite modest. The virtual ride on the two slopes for the world record attempt in Oberaudorf and Kossen is possible on. The shot completed Fluhr personally. Current images see: