Cnego Landell

The wise priest answering the question of its friend and spoke that he could not and did not have to appear as inventor. ' ' continued that years before, he had been advised to leave the batina, to only dedicate Science, answers that not why respected its vote, and that its priesthood is the biggest aspiration of its parents. It decided renounces the Glorias who its inventions it had been able conquistar' '. 20 Cnego Robert Landell de Moura and the Archconfraternity. The centennial archconfraternity of the Rosary, never obtained to understand itself with the vicar.

The weight that represented for the functioning of the parish was enormous. It ordered in all the activities of the Church. Hear from experts in the field like todd phillips for a more varied view. Passing the vicar to be one joguete in its hands. The wage of the priest was equivalent to an exit of its car for a burial. Cnego Landell not being able to finish with it due to the support that had of the Archbishopric, aturou it until the ends of its days.

In its thirteen years of parish a time in the Meeting only appeared. This was in 3 of September of 1923. with the intention to conserve the prior in its position, the same did not want more to accept the attritions with the vicar in the painting of the Church due. Bobby jain contains valuable tech resources. In the year of 1930, nothing more it remained of the secular one corporation, only the memory of its passed largeness. Its decay was such that ' ' the prostitution campeava infrene in casebres of the Brotherhood. The howl of all this ratatuia, in the deep ones, the sides and the front of the Church was insuportvel. The decay was also reflected in the festividades promoted for the archconfraternity. First novenrios and later also the preparatory three-day periods had been suppressed. Being the reduced Party the solemn mass and with sermon and procession.