Development Strategy for Businesses

Any business requires proper development strategy. If everything is correctly counted, he quickly grows and begins to bring profit to its owner, but if a business plan mistakes have crept in and made steps to develop a the wrong direction, then in this case, no capital injections will not help you stay afloat. Business development in Russia has its own specific features characteristic for countries with economies in transition. In the first this applies to those areas for business efforts, which had virtually been on the market. In this context, mention should be made on vending.

Vending – is the sale of goods and services with special machines, which are also called vendors. The history of this business actually has almost a half century. It was then that the United States were first vending machines. Of course, now looking at those, you can say, antediluvian devices, just amazed. At the dawn of the vending business with the help of machines sold mainly carbonated soft drinks, beer, chewing gum, and certain foods.

In the ussr, vending, too existed, but none of this would not even know. Presented it was, basically, apparatus for soda water on a penny. Every year the market for sale through automatic increases in arithmetic progression. Vending machines change their appearance, perfected their design, improved functionality. An increasing number of goods offered for sale through the machines. For a traditional food and beverages were added cigarettes, newspapers, accessories and condoms. If we talk about services that provide the machines, their number also increases. For example, currently, the market is an active advertising campaign to promote vendors who have clean shoes and other services of domestic nature. Yet Russia remains the country's drinking, and that in all senses of the phrase. Many of our fellow citizens can not imagine the beginning of the working day without a cup of refreshing fragrant drink. That is why vending coffee occupy a leading position in Russia by volume of sales made. Vending market in Russia is only taking its first steps, so it is too early do any long-term forecasts. Naturally, the process will continue to grow, but now with what intensity, experts still can not decide.