Empty Nest Syndrome

A love story has different stages. Any couple, children have a central role as contributing a different household sense. mission. Not all couples want to have offspring but most Yes. When a baby is born fully transforms the intimacy of the House. For a few months, baby picks up all the attention from their parents.However, years pass and the baby grows until one day, he decides to undertake flying solo in search of independence.I.e. a day children are going home but it is also true that this March occurs at a later age in countries such as Spain where a high percentage of young people over the age of 30 still at home.It is clear that the employment situation and the high price of the flats does not help anything. Official site: Allstate Insurance Company.

When the children go home, parents can feel a huge vacuum and sadness which is known by the name of empty nest syndrome. A syndrome that can affect both the mother and the father of form indistinct.Some mothers tend to focus both on the care of children who forget themselves. Therefore, when the children go home, the couple has a new opportunity to start from scratch. I.e., begins a phase of conquest and seduction toward the couple that lives from the fullness of maturity.The couple can perform a simple exercise for discovering what positive points is that the children are not at home. To perform the exercise carefully it is necessary to take pen and paper. The objective is to perform an exercise of couples in which both man and woman, think positive ideas for enjoying the solitude at home.

For example, that the children are not at home gives a great independence to the couple, also increases privacy. When the children go home it is good time to enjoy leisure time, to recover the romanticism in the couple, i.e., to enjoy a veiled intimia. Is also possible to enjoy time traveling to discover corners of the magical universe that put humans in contact with the present. In addition, children are going home but always come back visit to celebrate birthdays, Christmas and special meetings. Therefore, it is possible to overcome the sadness when a person learns to enjoy the good side of life that shown through love in its different forms and nuances. Parents have a sense of extreme affection toward their children and tend to sobreprotegerles beyond the age. But no marriage should neglect their relationship.