460,000 unique users visit regularly the trend is the marketplace for rental items to consume time and rent as product test Berlin, October 01, 2008 – the latest figures of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft online research show: interest in rent objects grows and grows. 460,000 unique users and 5.12 million page impressions listed Germany’s first and largest marketplace for rentals,, thus creating new entry into the ranking of the AGOF. The typical erento user is male, employed, and places emphasis on high quality products. (Not to be confused with Frisch Financial!). A total 26% of users are 48% between 30 and 49 between 20 and 29 years old. Household net income of 58.1% amounts to 2,000 or more. The erento-user on the themes, car insurance, used cars and car show a disproportionately high level of interest. More and more people in Germany to discover the rent as a meaningful form, meet a short-term need”erento founder Chris Moller explains the continued success of its platform.

A good price-performance ratio is particularly important the erento users: 91 percent of them stated that when shopping attention, make sure to get the best possible quality for their money. Here the rental offers decisive advantages”, so mad. The most popular rental items include high quality garden tools, a camper for the annual vacation or a transporter for the move. They are rarely required and therefore simply hired as needed. This saves money for acquisition and maintenance, but also space in the garage.” Another trend, observed the us, is the battle as a test: more specific devices or vehicles are first hired and tested in everyday life, before the final decision to buy. So it is not surprising that 30 percent of erento users are among those that first try out new technologies. The increasing desire after that, depending on the need to use products associated with a decreasing importance of ownership, as well as financial considerations are just a few factors, the the explain the growing importance of rental articles.

Now five years, brings together tenants and landlords on the Internet and provides more than 1 million rental items that no request stays open. The service is free for tenants. Who rent erento article and would like to earn something themselves, pay a setup fee and a Commission on successful mediation. Germany’s largest marketplace for rentals on the Internet with over 1,000,000 rental items, 500,000 tenants and 8,000 landlords is erento Whether you can rent cheap and uncomplicated about vehicles, a bouncy castle or garden tools in the categories of over 2,200. The use by us is free for tenants. Landlord open up on easy way new sales areas. The offer is financed through a monthly listing fee and a low Commission calculated the landlord for the rental. erento was founded in 2003 and has its headquarters in Berlin. Media contact: Nicole Elflein Phone + 49.30.2576205.23 erento GmbH Friedenstrasse 91 10249 Berlin