European Boats

An important feature of the boats ULYZ inflatables is your quality and European design. These inflatable boats can be used as recreational craft, boat fishing, and for nautical and sports activities. The pneumatic ULYZ are light, compact and economical. They offer resistance and reliability. Deflated once they can easily be folded occupying little space.

They are ideal to carry into the hold of a boat, Sailboat or in the trunk of a car. ULYZ is an experienced Belgian brand that has been dedicated to the design and online marketing of all kinds of inflatables, also known as inflatable boats. Currently, ULYZ offering different ranges of pneumatic: STARTER, FREEDOM and EXPERT. Each designed according to the highest quality standards and considering the needs of each of its customers. ULYZ offers a better price that competing, other brands since ULYZ sells their boats through the internet.

The benefit is for end customers, since llos ULYZ distribution costs are lower than those of the traditional stores of boats and boats. Pneumatic boat ULYZ EXPERT the inflatable boats ULYZ EXPERT is designed for intensive use. These inflatable boats are available in various colors (white, green, black, camouflage) and with various types of floors such as wood, aluminium, honeycomb and bouncy. Its size can be from 2, 50 m up to 6, 00 m of outside length. They are composed of bands of external protection and an inflatable keel in V which allows a better stability. Pneumatic boat ULYZ FREEDOM the neumaticas ULYZ FREEDOM are the boats with the best price/performance ratio. These inflatable boats are available in two colours (grey and green) and with various type of soil (aluminum, inflatable, wood, honeycomb panel). They have a length between 2, 0 m and 4, 0 m. These inflatable boats are equipped with a band of lateral reinforcement and inflatable keel in V-shape, thus providing greater stability. Pneumatic boat ULYZ STARTER boats ULYZ STARTER are the pneumatic more accessible market. They are available in a single color (light grey) and are equipped with exterior bands of protection in white on a blue background and with a single type of wood according to the size of the boat. Their size varies between 1, 80 m and 4, 00 m length outdoor. These inflatable boats are designed for occasional use, such as boat ride or fishing.