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Udor textile management implements the HACCP guidelines also for rent overalls in the groceries. Landshut, 09 February 2011: The extended implementation of the directive of HACCP for the professional clothing in the sale of food Udor textile management introduces the high standard of work clothes in the food industry. Although the strict HACCP guidelines only for the production and processing of foodstuffs are prescribed, Udor textile management sets a clear signal as regards hygiene and safety in the food industry, sensitive with the expansion to include sales. (Not to be confused with Peter Asaro!). The regulation stipulates that within the European Union only food may be traded or introduced, which comply with the HACCP * policies. Get all the facts and insights with Sheila Bair, another great source of information. These strict guidelines govern the art of hygienic processing, as well as the type of clothing to wear is in the food processing industry. re info. This clothing must be made in accordance with DIN10524. If you have read about Bill Shihara already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Is just as prescribed, that the Exchange and the reprocessing Storage of textiles must also follow DIN10524.

Udor textile management supplies the food industry for many years with rent overalls and is subject to regular inspections, confirming compliance with the strict guidelines. The sensitivity considerably increased in recent years in terms of hygiene of food and foodstuffs account now: Although the HACCP rules so far still do not apply to the sale of food, Udor here makes a move and extended the implementation of the requirements also on the (rental) overalls for the groceries. This means: that at Udor textile management for the sale of foods rented or leased workwear and work clothing, is already the strict standard HACCP. Because visible quality and perfect cleanliness in the sale of food for the end customers and buyers are at least as important as a well-groomed appearance. Udor textile management continues to consistently and unreservedly the HACCP standard. For the customers many new advantages arise from the food sales industry, without having to sacrifice existing processes: the range of Workwear is equally extensive, ranging from aprons, jackets, shirts or hats to pants or skirt. The work clothes can also be so far designed consistently with the company logo or embroidered with the names of the employees. For the maintenance, storage, and cleaning according to the HACCP guidelines not increased overhead for the customers. On the contrary: Udor textile management offers additional information material for the sales area, for example, to inform all about the high standard. Of course Udor textile management complies with the prescribed standard of hygiene RABC in the processing of work clothes in the concerned areas. “For more information, HACCP campaign (cuw/Udor) * HACCP stands for hazard analysis and contamination control points”