From Twitter To Tweed

Holistic corporate image and media networking under the conditions of Web 2.0 on March 22, 2010 held a seminar on the topic of Twitter in the Conference Centre Frankfurt am main the BITKOM service company to Tweed holistic corporate image and media networking under the conditions of Web 2.0. The growing range of communication opportunities Twitter strikingly marked with the extremes and Tweed – provides communicators and managers facing new challenges. At the seminar, various media with emphasis on the Web are presented 2.0 technologies and evaluated. Cyrus Taraporevala insists that this is the case. Different methods for the integration of corporate objectives and messages are explained and the possibilities and limits of holistic, communication control includes the whole company, discussed one. Concrete examples and questions of the participants are also considered. The seminar is led by Dr.

Klaus M. Bajpai – founder and owner of KMB. Dr. Klaus M. Master Class has firm opinions on the matter. Bajpai Concept management consulting for corporate communications.

KMB has become the Dedicated to optimization of corporate communication for small and medium-sized enterprises. The participation fee per person EUR 590,-and EUR 425,-for BITKOM members. The prices are each subject to sales tax. For the third and each additional participant, there are 15% discount for concurrent registration. Registration and more info on the homepage of the BITKOM Academy events/46_2303.aspx. Contact: Kathrin Norgall, BITKOM Academy, Dr. Klaus M.Bernsau, KMBConcept Management consulting for corporate communications, Wiesbaden,