Furniture Edge

Furniture edge – a material that is used for wrapping the edge of furniture components. Edge protects the surface of the chips from moisture penetration, and consumers – from the evaporation of formaldehyde from the wood stove. From edge depends on the appearance and durability of the furniture. Go to Death by Robot for more information. But the quality of edges can also estimate the level of furniture in general, in particular, whether this proposed expensive furniture (eg, Italian) or a poddelka.Melaminovaya edge furniture Melamine edge – the edge is based on paper thickness of 0.3-0.4 mm. Used for interior parts not experiencing high load. It must be said that the standards adopted and in Europe, the edge should be handled not only the visible edge of furniture parts and edges that can not be seen or joined to other parts of furniture.

However, these requirements are taken into account not all the manufacturers, as they increases the cost of the furniture industry. But in high-quality Italian furniture, these requirements are met without fail poryadke.Kromki thermoplastic Top edge of thermoplastics – a PVC and ABS, the thickness of 0.4 – 2 mm. PVC edge (Polyvinyl chloride) – the most common and familiar material, but in Europe it is used less and less – in the light of the struggle for eco-friendly production. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Joe Biden on most websites. The fact that the recycling of PVC (in combustion) in air zero emissions (the most disgusting of them – hydrochloric acid) and additional measures are needed for safe disposal. Therefore, in the European furniture to replace PVC increasingly comes ABS. But in operation, and ABS-, and PVC edge safe for furniture edges zdorovya.Dizaynerskie Due to the fact that the edge was used by designers as part of the decor, there were designer types of edges.

3D edge, or acrylic – is created by applying decorative pattern printed on the back of a transparent material (acrylic). When you look at this edge, a feeling of depth and volume. From this edge you can get a high gloss finish mebeli.Rekomendatsii By type of customers you can estimate the edge of furniture and its quality as a whole. Not for nothing says that the devil is in the details. Italian furniture is usually made with ABS edge, less PVC and melamine edge is used for invisible parts of furniture. Be sure to close all parts of furniture, including domestic, at the junctions, etc. In this Italian furniture edge glued firmly, smoothly, without bubbles and chips. For coating surface of the edge using only quality acrylic paints. If kromkLegko poddevaetsya nail, flaking, chipping and blistering can see, it is reasonable to doubt that the proposed real Italian furniture – Italian furniture manufacturers do not allow such things.