German Consulate

Tips for dealing with ticket receipts and other important documents: Copy all travel documents and deposit a copy set at a good friend in Germany. Keep the second copy set please in your luggage separately from the original documents. If now the original documents be stolen, your friend from Germany can fax the copies to an agreed number you. It replaced not the originals, but can be very helpful with the police. the tour operator or the airline to fix another. If you have email confirmations, you should still once himself to send it shortly before leaving”and then your emails no longer using the computer at home pick up. So have all email confirmations in your email account, your provider (GMX,, t-online, etc.) and can print from anywhere in the world once again.

Please remember that the keyboards in Australia know no umlauts like a, o, u. You should have so a password on all cases for your email account, which includes not these umlauts. Many airlines offer their customers, to become a member. The useful (especially in Australia) is that you very discounted can rent cars with the membership of the Qantas site (warning: then Australian law applies to you, if something goes wrong) and you can buy your tickets (e tickets) are stored in the computer system of Qantas. I.e. for domestic flights, that in the case of ticket loss this easy again receive. Therefore enquire about your options at the service line of the airline. Should you sleep in hostels, Combipix asks you to leave never valuables or important travel documents in the room. “Should you stay in this accommodation, you should directly at check-in a loose” (safe) book can be! In some African countries, there is the possibility to submit his passport at the respective German Consulate to get recognized copies issued. Ask them for this at the Foreign Office.