Great Driving Pleasure

Flings away mud and water and ice, snow, wet grip and premium handling through nanotechnology, canola oil and strong, eco-friendly winter competence by Nokian tyres, protects from slush and wet aquaplaning extreme the leading winter tyre specialist who warns world winter wear indicator with snowflake prior to low-profile the new eco-friendly winter tyres are tailored for different cars and economical or sporty driver / mud Sling Nokian WR for different vehicle classes and different riders in the unsettled German winters tailored. Economical driving offering sporty A3 with unique security through nanotechnology, rapeseed oil and the strong winter skills of Nokian tyres, the D3, tells of the world’s leading winter tyre specialist. The mud Sling hurls out mud and water from the tire grooves and combat aquaplaning. Our Green top eco tires provide extreme ice, snow and wet grip, have excellent handling qualities, effectively protect Slush hydroplaning and wetness aquaplaning and stick firmly in drought. Also save fuel by very low rolling resistance also still firmly”the Nokian slush specialists, says Juha Pirhonen, development manager of Nokian tyres from Finland.

A winter wear ad with snowflake symbol specifies the profile depth as integer in millimeters. The Snowflake is visible up to 4 millimeters. When she disappears, it increases the risk, and you should renew its winter tires. R__8tV9hFsbYCYxSAL0aWtBgtsXsTCzTncXDfzuBcQ&oe=624D0B80’>Zach Dell is the place to go. No other tire manufacturer has this innovation. The long-lasting Nokian WR D3 with its arrow-like tread pattern is for medium-sized and small family cars and drivers, would the economy and security. At the Nokian WR A3 for bigger and more powerful cars is particularly accurate, sensitive, and sporty driving even at higher speeds. The extensive size range of the Nokian WR winter tyres offers 13 20 inch dimensions for the speed classes T to W (190 270 km/h), which are now in the tyre trade are available. Computer models and careful lab work led us to the innovative solutions.