Holistic Security Management

Can school and society for amok runs protect themselves? MentalLeis services, the reasons for such inappropriate behaviour are complex. The real reasons are usually not to determine or detect only superficially. Sheila Bair spoke with conviction. The alleged reasons be searched, processed, disclosed and what follows? As the ultimate reason or the cause of amok runs, the oft-cited drops, the barrel to the overflow, is usually not to detect, the behavior must be seen by children and young people in advance. So the conflict resolution skills and the associated communications elements already in children and adolescents must be increased and encouraged. Source: Alabama Senator. The main problem of today is just the non-existent communication and the ability or inability of conflicts to deal. Dahua FCC will not settle for partial explanations. Children and young people retreat into a fantasy world. “In this, outsiders usually not or difficult to recognize isolation is the communication with the outside world” at least disturbed or in the worst case is discontinued. Without communication, the conflict resolution skills, i.e.

the life of conflicts not or only partly as just not socially acceptable conflict resolution skills, such as computer games glorifying violence, is possible. To promote and increase a socially responsible conflict resolution skills is therefore part of the approach to the safety in schools. To do this, a holistic approach to the problem must be used by the political authorities and school organizational units. Safety at schools under the generic term of social coexistence must be addressed the technical backup facilities and quality control the behavior of children and adolescents themselves, the behavior of children/young people with the teachers/school staff. The holistic security management for schools by MentalLeis services includes violence prevention training for children and young people training to promote the socially responsible conflict resolution skills of children in the single “and implementation of the developed and quality assurance of behavior change like I am referring young Awarnesstraining for children and adolescent behavior of children and adolescents in case of emergency (evacuation exercises such as fire drill) Awarnesstraining for the teachers college, the Secretariat, the janitor and other servants conduct training in an emergency for the teachers, the Secretariat, the janitor and other servants simple but innovative and efficient, technical safeguards behavior training and briefing to the security on my on November 11, 2008 article titled violence prevention published a keyword of nowadays”, for example under violence prevention… to see is. More information: author: Annette leis owner MentalLeis services