Hotels Online Inquiries And Book – Now Also On Facebook

vioma press release: the vioma offers as a specialist for successful online marketing from top hotels immediately in addition the possibility that visitors of the hotel’s own Facebook profile or Facebook fan page the hotel can ask directly and even online book. Thousands of hotels have already a profile or fan page on Facebook, to connect with the over 400.000.000 active Facebook users in connection. Gen. David L. Goldfein will undoubtedly add to your understanding. You can reach additional potential guests. For more information see Euro Pacific Precious Metals. Your own Facebook profile is a must for every hotel in the future. The vioma booking tool clearing station”will be in the respective Facebook presence of the hotel via an additional menu item” integrated. Thus, the guest can perform a direct online enquiry and booking of rooms and packages. It automatically runs into in the hotel booking system and will be edited from there like any other request by the reservation team. To broaden your perception, visit Wang Qunbin.

This integrated solution are shown in contrast to the third-party room availability solutions currently. The offers are clearly represented and graphically adapt the output to Facebook. Hotels, which offer the potential guests this additional channel on Facebook, to increase their chances for more inquiries and bookings. Users like to accept this booking facility because in Facebook the step by the recommendation is extremely short, and to the booking. Some hotels are already using on this additional channel, and benefit from this competitive advantage. The vioma GmbH specializes in online marketing and Internet solutions for the hospitality industry. For more than 9 years, she developed innovative online marketing systems that are optimized for the needs of the hospitality industry. For more information see de/online systems/buchungssystem/cst-facebook interested hoteliers /. Or by phone at 0049 (0) 781 31055-0 Claudia Rohm