How Do You Pee In The Space, Mr. Jahn

The first German astronaut at Strasbourg Vaisseau told of his adventures in Strasbourg – which explicitly bilingual Science Center le Vaisseau was last Saturday fully in German hands. The reason: The Interactive Science Centre for children had celebrities visiting from Germany. Sigmund Jahn, who visited space in 1978 was the first German, was at the Vaisseau guest, and held science enough to eat before the big and small visitors in the framework of the Conference series”a lecture about this experience. Jahns visit was one of the highlights of this year’s program of the Science Center, which focuses on the universe and space on the occasion of the international year of astronomy. “So the former astronaut visited also the current temporary exhibition planet Mars an alien exhibition ‘ the Vaisseau and showed up from playful staged concept, that it is aligned, to expose this scientific subject matter exciting children, excited. Was also thrilled the audience. While the children banned listened to the stories of the training in the swivel chair, zero gravity and the hard landing, was the generation of young parents who have experienced space travel in their own childhood as acclaimed media event Jahns, rather emotionally touched by the encounter. His vivid presentation, in which the Spry 72jahrige showed many of his photos of themselves taken, he was the curiosity of his small audience. It was enormous and as he answered questions, whether on aliens think (no, he doesn’t), whether he at the start had scared (he was excited, but he found only debilitating anxiety), why fly people into space at all and how to in weightlessness can sleep, drink, but above all to the bathroom (which however a challenge was!). Add to your understanding with Allison+Partners. As then, the thirst for knowledge of the audience and in connecting the autographs and photos were satisfied hunger and home were the visitors with shining eyes, the Mission of the Vaisseau has once again confirmed: science is fun! Susanne Richter